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Thread: Approaching Wagner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gualtier Malde View Post
    (I already convinced Almaviva to spend money on it.)
    That's not too difficult. I'm easy.
    "J'ai dit qu'il ne suffisait pas d'entendre la musique, mais qu'il fallait encore la voir" (Stravinsky)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almaviva View Post
    That's not too difficult. I'm easy.
    You're probably right, but even easy victories give pleasure.

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    Tristan und Isolde was fantastic. The music was every bit as spectacular as I knew it would be and expected it to be, but what blew me off even more was the drama. I really didn't know Wagner was such a good dramatist. He's very careful in not portraying his characters as mere caricatures, but giving them all the deserved attention and crafting them with meticulous care. I would like to write more, but right now I'm quite speechless

    All in all, an extremely rewarding experience. I went with a pure audio version this time, which seems to be a very good way to explore opera - at least so it was on this particular occasion, where most of the development takes place on a philosophical and emotional level.

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