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Thread: What are the titles of these production music tracks?

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    Default What are the titles of these production music tracks?

    I'm an immense fan of theatrical-sounding music and have heard a few tracks on some cartoons here and there that I can't find the names of but I know where they can be seen.

    The first is a vintage-sounding piece of horror music that crescendos on in a tense sort of way, appearing in the English cartoon called "Count Duckula" in the episode "In Arctic Circles", seen at at 13:12 in the video, or for those of you who have the episode elsewhere, in the scene in which the Colonel Willoughby calls out for his servant by yelling "You ghastly little bounder!"

    The second track might be easier to identify, and yet nobody's been able to: in the show "SpongeBob SquarePants", more notably the episode "No Free Rides" and "Tunnel of Glove", there is a track that plays. Nobody thus far knows what it is called but the description that I can give is that it sounds almost like some sort of glass instrument with a few shaking instruments similar to maracas. In "No Free Rides" it appears when SpongeBob sneaks out through his window and in "Tunnel of Glove" it appears during the Tunnel of Glove ride.

    If anyone out there knows what the tracks are called, please tell me; I'd be eternally grateful.

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    The music at 13:12 is almost certainly written for the TV series. However, it resembles (and might be based on) a piece by the Russian composer Musorgsky entitled A Night on the Bare Mountain (known as Night on Bald Mountain in the USA).

    Have a listen here.

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    You're right in that it resembles "Bald Mountain" and you may have given me a little to go off on for a search.

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