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Thread: Brahms first symphony

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    Default Brahms first symphony

    Do you know if it is published in CD the Brahms First Symphony with Claudio Abbado / Wiener Philharmoniker / DG early 70s?
    It 's a formidable analytical version, in agreement with the very intersting, rational Abbado of those years. A very different First from the more recent version with Berlin: it is to know. Maybe someone still has the old LP.

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    It doesnt appear to have been released on CD yet afaik? - Just Abbado/BPO and Bohm/VPO on CD at Amazon .

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    I haven't heard it. Gramophone panned it, which often doesn't mean much.

    FYI, a pretty good Abbado discography, but still a lot of work to be done...

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    I think the Brahms 1/Wiener Ph./Abbado/DG is really beautiful, I find there the same lucidity in magnificent Prokofiev / Romeo and Juliet / Chout /LSO Decca / Abbado 1967. Sometimes the labels do not republish the best things.

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