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Thread: Introducing my Symphony

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    Smile Introducing my Symphony


    My name is Ronald. I'd like to show you my works.. especially my Symphony.
    All audio samples are computerized, produced by a computer software.

    I really need your commentary, opinion, suggestion or even critize.

    Also, I really need information how to get a sponsor for my Classical music pieces.
    I've tried for years to find a sponsor in my country, Indonesia, but they didn't say anything about my music, they only said: ".. It takes a lot of money to perform a Symphony Orchestra/Philharmonic and there only 'few' who like this kind of music (classical), it's bad for business.."

    Well, please visit the link below, I'm expecting your comment.. Thank you!




    Ronald Hutasuhut
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    If I had to listen to the entire Beethoven 7 (My favorite Symphony) with Sibelius 4 sounds, I would probably shoot myself. No offense, but you're no Beethoven. Please try and find a better player to record your music from? Google 'Garritan Orchestra'

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    Smile Hello

    Hello Sofronitsky! Thank you for your suggestion. I will remember and will try Garritan Orchestra.

    Ya, I'm definitely not Beethoven.. but I do love him.

    I made those audio samples as sample, I didn't mean to make them be enjoyable as well as a real performance. I'm just hoping a producer or conductor could catch the idea of my 'digital symphony' and imagine what the symphony would sounds if played by human.

    Thank you very much for your concern Sofronitsky..!

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