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Thread: Thomas Tallis

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    Default Thomas Tallis

    The last of the three renaissance composers who, at the very least, deserve their own thread (Josquin and Byrd have been fixed). Here it is:

    Thomas Tallis


    I am only aware of his probably two most famous works- Spem in Alium and the Lamentations of Jeremiah and both are superb. What do you think of this composer? What other works of his are you familiar with? I would be really interested to know.

    Here are full performances of the two works:
    Spem in Alium
    Lamentations of Jeremiah

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    Thomas Tallis is a great composer IMO. Deserves more mention on TC.

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    I recommend this box-set of his complete works. 10 CDs (Brilliant Classics budget label). Cheap.

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    I haven't heard as much Tallis as I'd like, but one composition that always stood out to me is his Laudate Domine. It's very beautiful and atmospheric:

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    Tallis' best known creation is in music not composed by him.
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    AFAIK I have heard nothing directly from Thomas Tallis, and only know of him through RVW's fine piece, recorded superbly by Barbirolli, Boughton, A. Davis, and others.

    I was almost startled when HC introduced a 10-CD collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilltroll72 View Post
    Tallis' best known creation is in music not composed by him.
    What are you talking about


    The pieces mentioned above may be some of his most famous. But the 9 Psalm Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter may be his most famous! (For obvious reasons)
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