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Thread: Great Living Pianists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasa View Post
    I feel that though the ability of a preformer to deliver live is essential to him being considered a great pianist.

    I don't know what people's "obsession" with recordings is. Music is meant to be played and heard live.
    As has been demonstrated for a hundred and more years now, live, live-recorded, and studio-recorded are all valid. Music is communicated and listened to in/from all environs. It does what it does. There is no correct way. There are preferences, that's all.

    In some jest, I might add "live" is certainly good validation for guarding against the Joyce Hatto types, and too creative recording engineers.
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    Lang, Perahia, Wang, Schiff, Barenboim, Argerich and Uchida

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    Trifonov, Sudbin, Bertrand Chamayou, Alexandre Tharaud, Barenboim, Uchida, Zimerman, Zacharias for starters
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    My piano listening experience is limited, but I've been extremely impressed by Mitsuko Uchida and Maria João Pires, mainly for Mozart pieces.

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