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Thread: J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos 7-12 - a good idea?

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    Default J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos 7-12 - a good idea?

    This recording has been featured on the local radio station this week and is apparently the result of the late Bruce Haynes reorganizing some earlier Bach cantatas into a series of concerti arranged much like 1-6. I'm a bit intrigued by the idea since I don't have those cantatas in my collection yet, but I feel a bit uneasy about someone rearranging a composer's work centuries later. What say you all?
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    Interesting idea, if Bach had to compose another set of Concerti Grossi he might have done a similar thing since he did like to rework and re-arrange his own music for other forms and intruments.
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    Interesting. I think I will buy the recording.
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