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Thread: Haydn's op.76 no.2 First Movement

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    Default Haydn's op.76 no.2 First Movement

    Hello everyone...

    I am intrigued by this piece 'The fifths' and I wondered what you thought of it? And the big question I have to ask to get a debate going! whether you think the exposition and recapitulation are similar or completely different?!

    Let me know your views!
    Zoe =]

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    Ooh, good question. I will give a look to that. But that would surprise me if it is similar.

    I don't understand... As he did usually, he start the recapitulation with the beginning of the exposition but change it as it evolve from the exposition. So, they are quite different but with a few similarities as a recapitulation must have.

    Here is the movement in question
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