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Thread: Why do pop songs so often use the natural minor?

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    Here is an answer for the OP's original question: Because straight dominant to tonic cadences with those g#s sound cheesy.

    Good recommendations from Athrun200!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dim7 View Post

    When it comes to really popular pop music, it tends to stick to the "four chords" which are I, IV, V, vi in major, which are the same chords as these in the relative minor: i, bIII, bVI, bVII. Harmonic minor doesn't have those same exact chords, and if you use harmonic/melodic minor in the melody it may clash with them. This raises the question why those four chords are so popular, though...
    The bVII chord in particular seems to be a very important one in pop and rock regardless of whether the song is in a major or minor based key. So that is one of the main reasons why I think the natural minor is more common in pop - because the 7 is flat.

    A lot of songs will use I, IV, bVII with solos over top of this progression using the pentatonic minor and pentatonic major scales. i-IV-bVII or even just i-bVII are also commonly used. The flat 7 chord is almost always played as a major-based chord (often an "add9") or a 5th.
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