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Thread: Current Listening Vol IV

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    Bande Originalle du Film
    Jordi Savall, Guillaume Dufay, Anonymous 15th Century
    La Capella Reial de Catalunya
    Hespèrion XX

    Jordi Savall - music direction

    P.M. Summer
    simul justus et peccator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blancrocher View Post
    Nice to see you, bejart--it's been awhile.
    Thanks. I wish I could post her more, but my access at work is blocked so I really can only post here at nights and on weekends. I guess they think I'll spend too much time reading and posting while the quality of my work suffers. They know me well.

    Now ---
    Jan Vanhal (1739-1813): Piano Quintet in D Minor, Op.12, No.2

    Miklos Spanyi on fortepiano with the Authentic Quartet: Zsolt Kallo and Balasz Bozzai, violins -- Gabor Rac, viola -- Csilla Valyi, cello

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