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Thread: Rare or Out of Print classical recordings you want to hear / own again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selby View Post
    I've been wanting Ogdon's Sorabji recording for a long time but haven't been willing to spend US$100 on it:

    Not only the price, but how do you roll that title off your tongue? Just think if you called your local record store and tried to tell them the title!

    Some creative searching perhaps may bring it up. Try ISBN (Bar Code), ASIN, whatever. Different parts of the title or such. Use Google and also. Occasionally you may find what you are looking for. I wanted the Pasiello Nina with Muti (post 41 above) and it was listing for $300, then saw one on Amazon UK for around $65 (more in USD), but finally got a listing for $23 with no image and very little identifying info, but searching the ASIN provided came up with the Muti recording. I emailed the Muti cover and asked if that was it. It was. Now it is in transit to my house.
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    Come on Sony/RCA , give us Massenet -La Navarraise with Lucia Popp, Alain Vanzo, Gerard Souzay*
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    There are three Pearl Gemm CDs of Chaliapin singing Russian music that I would like to have. I would have snapped them up at my local bookstore in Washington, DC, but I never had the money and someone bought them before I did. They're worth a great deal on

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