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Thread: Problems with Sirius XM Met Opera Channel

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    Default Problems with Sirius XM Met Opera Channel

    I love the rebroadcasts of prior operas, but I have problems with other issues. 1. I have listened for almost 10 years. They have played the very same recordings between the operas ad nauseum with only perhaps a 10% change in rotation. 2. The now have changed the information feed where you can only find out who a composer is but not a singer of the songs between rebroadcasts. 3 There appears to be ZERO way to lodge a complaint. On the plus side, I love the performances form the 30's and 40's!!!

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    Disgusting of them, isn't it?
    What in hell would it take just to list the name of the singer for gosh sakes? Very frustrating, especially if you're in a car.
    Shame on them and their slipshod website. But I am stuck because there is no other. (I know the Met does some things but not to the extent that Sirius does).

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