I wrote a book about the viola and cello duo, in it I included a catalog with 410 pieces for viola and cello duo that I have found so far. I've also included the composer's websites and weblinks where you can buy the sheet music and recordings of the pieces. If you have interest in discovering new works for viola and cello duo from intermediate to advanced level, please visit my website: www.chordataduo.wix.com/violacello
I will provide access to all the catalog and my book to sell there.

Here is a litle list of some duos:
Eric Moe - EUA
- And Life Like Froth Doth Throb for viola and cello (1997); Dur: ca. 3
Listen: http://www.ericmoe.net/index.html
Or here: http://chordataduo.wixsite.com/viola...a-performances
Buy Sheet Music: http://www.ericmoe.net/index.html

Mert Karabey - Turkey
- Suite for viola and cello (1999) 13'50''
- Laumé for viola and cello (2005)
Buy sheet music at: http://www.pelicanmusicpublishing.com/index.php
There is a registration on youtube by the Duo Oktava - Povila-Syrrist Gelgota e Toril Syrrist- Gelgota: https://play.spotify.com/artist/3RB6...tm_medium=open
Have also here: http://chordataduo.wixsite.com/viola...es-08-jun-2016

Kjell Mork Karlsen - Norwegian
- Partita Brevis 2 for viola and cello (1994) 10'
Buy sheet music at: http://www.musikkforlagene.no/en/Pro...ne-Op-110-No-2
There is a registration on youtube by the duo Oktava - Povila-Syrrist Gelgota e Toril Syrrist- Gelgota
Have also here: http://chordataduo.wixsite.com/viola...a-performances

Nestor de Hollanda Cavalcanti - Brazilian
- Duo simples...mas não tanto (1976) 4'45''
We will give the Première at 08 jun 16: http://chordataduo.wixsite.com/viola...es-08-jun-2016
If you want this sheet music, here is the contact of the composer: nhcavalcanti@rionet.com.br

Camilo Bornstein - (Brazilian)
- Duo para viola e violoncelo (2015)
You can download this sheet music here: http://www.sesc.com.br/SescPartituras/compositores.html
Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/camilobornstein
Or here: http://chordataduo.wixsite.com/viola...a-performances

Robert Cobert (Eua)
- Contrasts for viola and cello (2001); Dur: 8'
Listen: http://www.americanviolasociety.org/...Recordings.php
(The score is with the violist John Peskey)

Jordi Cervelló - cervello.jordi@gmail.com (Spanish) -
- Entre Deux for viola and cello (1991)
Buy sheet music on: https://www.boileau-music.com
Soon it will be recorded by Duo Soanea/Garioud - Romain Garioud and Aida Carmem Soanea

Malcolm Dedman (England)
Harmony in diversity (2005-2008), Dur: 3'30''
Download Sheet Music: http://britishmusiccollection.org.uk...mony-diversity

Rudolf Haken (Eua)
Serennatalia for viola and cello (1998)
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/results?sear...rch_type=&aq=f
Download Sheet Music: http://www.rudolfhaken.com/library.html

Caroline Shaw – (USA)
-Limestone & Felt for viola and cello (2012); Dur: 5'35''
Buy Sheet Music and Recording:

Marina Schmotova - (Russia/Siberia)
- Wanderung for viola and cello (2002); Dur: 9'20''
Listen: http://www.classicalarchives.com/work/794964.html
To acquire the sheet music contact the composer: marina_shmotova@mail.ru

Have fun!
Thank You!