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Thread: SS 12.08.17 - Harris #3

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    Leonard Bernstein on Sony.

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    I'm trying to remember if there is another American symphony to which I've listened more times than the Harris Third, but I run into a blank. This Symphony in one movement remains a favorite after decades of enjoying it. It is a staple for my various American holiday celebrations. I'll play this one on days such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day ... or any old day I'm in the mood to hear it. And I'm in the mood for this one all the time. I never tire of it. And I can understand the arguments of those who will rank it as "the great American symphony". It's good to know others out there are listening to it. But you needn't make this only a Saturday special. Because the symphony is special, it can be listened to any old time. A great work.

    I'll take it on with Bernstein's DG recording, this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Smith View Post
    I'd just like to thank RDB for continuing this thread. I had heard the Harris symphony before but it never really showed up on my radar. Today when I really listened to it, because of Saturday Symphony, it finally clicked and I will definitely be returning to it again.
    Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad this one clicked for you. That's the whole point of the Saturday Symphony. Discovering unfamiliar works, rehearing old favorites and giving others a fresh listen. I'm just thankful for all the participation.

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