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Thread: Ragtime in Religion

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    Default Ragtime in Religion

    From the December 1915-January 1916 issue of The Ragtime Review:

    So where are these ragtimes hymns?? I want to hear this!!
    "God," asked Adam, "why did you make Eve so beautiful?"
    And He replied, "So that you could love her."
    "But God," asked Adam, "why did you make her so stupid?"
    And He replied, "So that she could love you."

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    How about this? (Possibly offensive - it certainly offended some folks 50 years ago.)

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    Tom Lehrer -- still incredible after all these years.

    Now almost 90, Lehrer mostly quite the music scene in the 1960s to concentrate on teaching math and musical theater at the University of California in Santa Cruz. He said of his musical career: "If, after hearing my songs, just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend, or perhaps to strike a loved one, it will all have been worth the while."
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