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Thread: Bach Bruns Cello Suites

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    Question Bach Bruns Cello Suites

    A friend of mine has told me that there was an extraordinary performance of Bach's Cello Suites by Peter Bruns. Is there anybody on the forum to comment on Bruns' interpretation? Incidentally, I've been collecting various performances of the suites and I have got recordings made by Bauer, Casals, Carrai, Fournier, Isserlis, Maisky, Queyras, Rostropowich, no to mention others ... Is Bruns' playing anything special as seen against those above? My friend does not have the CDs, so I could not listen to Bruns playing Bach.

    Cheers Ispin

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    Default pity that...

    ...either nobody knows Bruns or everybody disregards him playing Bach. Tray to listen, say a word:

    DivShare File - SD-Casals-Mayski-Isserlis-Bruns.mp3

    blame my dyslexia for misspelling Maisky's name.

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