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Thread: Portable CD player.

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    Default Portable CD player.

    I am looking for a high quality portable CD player and a good amp that can go along with it. Any suggestions? I am aware that the market had shrinked considerably since the dawn of mp3 players, but I would prefer to listen to music from my CDs and not ripped mp3s.

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    I guess you're looking for a portable CD with a decent line-out then.

    It's really hard to find a modern one with an optical line out (if you want to put it through a DAC and then put it through your amp). The sound quality is magnificent if you can though.

    Few people realise that mini-discs can be put through DACs and give CD hi-fi separates a run for their money with this combo.

    The best ones are the vintage 2000 decade ones - the Sony 16x oversampling types as well as the Technics/Panasonic ones. I bought a square Panasonic SL-905:

    It isn't as good as my first generation Technics XLPS - 9000 1 bit DAC cd player (which came out in 1992 and has an optical output as well as a line out). You can amp from the head-phone, but the sound isn't quite the same as from the line-out.....

    Check out the Sony D-25 and its latest incarnations on the Sony walkman website. The DE-J01 anniversary edition was one of the most stunning for sound quality (magnesium body). Hard to come back - very expensive collector's stuff now.

    If you value high quality sound without compromise, and want superior CD quality on the trot, then the Sony Hi-MD minidisc player - the MZ RH-1 is the only thing you really need. It rips CD as as CD quality (if not superior) and has a way superior built in digital amplifier than you will find on any crappy MP3; iRiver; iPod gadget. You can vary the rip-rate from 1,411kbps, to 320kbps and upload/download from your computer too. It's really cool

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    Apologies if you've already considered and rejected this, but many MP3 players can take lossless files which are identical to the original CD (ie no loss of sound quality as with an MP3 or iTunes download). For example the iPod can take ALAC, Cowon's players and a few other brands can take FLAC.

    With the iPod (though it's not liked much by audiophiles), you can get lineout by plugging a PocketDock into the dock connector, and then from there attach your choice of gizmos.
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    Default try ebay

    I just bought a new in box old stock Sony D-121 with a line out. with enough watching you should be able to come up with some decently priced quality product. As headcase mentioned the D-25 is top notch, ALO Audio has some new old stock if your willing to pay. D-25 New Old Stock

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    There're still many advanced portable cd players can be selected.
    According to sound quality:
    SONY D555 D10 D15 D25 D303 D35
    DENON DCP-150 100 (150 maybe the best among all these players)
    JVC xr-p70
    PHILIPS CD10 CD10MKII CD15 CD207 AZ6808/6819
    AIWA DX-P50

    Any one of them can satisfy your ears.

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