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  1. An Unlikely Pairing

    This week’s Tuesday Blog melds two of our ongoing series: Vinyl’s Revenge and Cover 2 Cover in an exploration of music adapted to the Synthesizer and what I consider to be shamelessly exploiting a phenomenon of the day.

    Released in 1979, the movie 10 starring Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews and (introducing) Bo Derek told the tale of a Hollywood lyricist going through a mid-life crisis who becomes infatuated with a sexy, newly married woman. The film brought renewed fame to the Boléro ...
  2. The Score of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: An Appreciation

    Reference recordings:
    1. Fiddler on the Roof: Original Broadway cast (1964)
    2. Fiddler on the Roof: Broadway revival cast (2004)

    Attachment 93815

    The photo above shows the Bottle Dance, highlight of Fiddler on the Roof’s wedding scene and arguably the most famous musical number ever choreographed by the great Jerome Robbins. At the wedding of Tzeitel to Motel, a line of Hasidic Jewish men balance wine bottles atop their hats as ...

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  3. Helmut Walcha - Organ Masters Before Bach

    To complete our Lenten look at Organ music, I am sharing this Cover 2 Cover YouTube copy of an Achiv-DGG-Eloquence re-issue of a compilation disc by the late great harpsichordist and organist, Helmut Walcha (1907-1991).

    One of the great interpreters of J. S. Bach, Mr. Walcha recorded the composer's complete organ works twice, as well as the complete "Well-Tempered Clavier" and, with Henryk Szering, the six sonatas for violin and harpsichord. Although blind, he had an active ...
  4. Shellac's Revenge

    It is our custom during Lent to program organ music, and this year I have two posts (this one, and another next week) where we will explore baroque and renaissance organ repertoire, performed (unashamedly, might I add) with “big organ” bombast.

    Before getting started with this week’s post, I want to “plug” a blog that I have encountered last year, The Shellackophile, which presents “Recordings of classical music from the 78-rpm era (mostly)”. Today’s musical shares and some ...
  5. Debussy - Philharmonia, Giulini ‎– La Mer / Trois Nocturnes

    This week’s Vinyl’s Revenge shares music from an old “bargain bin” disk I’ve enjoyed immensely over the years. I’m sure I’ve discussed in past shares my purchase of a handful of discs from I Grande Concerti a series by Longanesi Periodici. Founded by Leo Longanesi in 1946 the publishing house was taken over in 1977 by Italian Messagg erie.

    These records, mostly reissues or studio or broadcast recordings, were in the bargain section of this old record store because the liner notes ...
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