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  1. #11 - Barenboim conducting BPO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 9

    I've been a fan of Barenboim for a long time. His Beethoven cycle with Staatskappele Dresden ranks alongside with Abbado's live Berliner Philharmoniker cycle as my favorite 21st Century Beethoven symphonies' cycles.

    He has done a wonderous job with Mozart and Beethoven's piano sonatas and cocnertos. Of all the interpretation of Beethoven's Five Piano Concertos I've heard [and it ain't a small figure. Twelve? And couple of individual performances. Is that small? Gosh, shouldn't it be?], ...

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  2. #10 - Solti conducting CSO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 4

    I am going through that phase of my life - obsessive composer listening. This time it is Bruckner [It was Beethoven's symphonies at one time and I know how many cycles I listened to...!]

    Solti is revered by his fans. A cult status like Karajan. I don't believe in this conductor/performer worship [I do maintain however that Karajan>Rest of the world].
    His discography is vast. Vast. Renowned opera conductor with a commercially successful and [for some] a decent Ring cycle. [A ...

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  3. #9 - Ronald Brautigam - Beethoven - Bagatelles [HIP]

    Hearing the works for the first time. To mark the occasion, I chose fortepiano performances of the various bagatelles instead of a standard grand piano performance. The sound of the fortepiano is just lovely. Like the Harpsichord actually. You either hate them or adore them. I suspect a lot of people to dislike the HIP approach to Beethoven's piano works [The Brautigam cycle is an investment worth considering ...

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  4. #8 - Haitink conducting LPO - Vaughan Willliams - Symphonies No. 5 and 7

    Listening to Symphony No. 5 under a master's hand: Bernard Haitink. Hearing them for the first time.

    I'm trying to expand my listening horizons and venturing into 20th Century British symphonic music seems as good a place as any.

    EDIT: I couldn't make heads or tails of Symphony No. 5. A re-listen is in order.

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  5. #7 - Chailly conducting RCO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 1

    A "modern" cycle. Began in 1980s and ended recently at the start of the millennia. Recorded by Decca, so the sound of course is outstanding.

    A general note about the whole cycle is that this isn't your brass-heavy show that reminds one of Karajan or king of brass: Solti. Rather, it is a balanced approach where each and every instrument are given their fair due. This results in some calling the performance perhaps ...

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