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  1. Glazunov 150th Birthday Celebrations: Part Two

    Hello again! Getting pumped yet?? I know I am!! August 10, mark the date!! But honestly, the whole month of August is a celebration, and now too.

    This year I graduated from my university, and had to do a Senior Recital as one of my last undergraduate requirements. I performed a tribute to Sibelius, Nielsen and Glazunov on my program, made up of transcriptions, arrangements, etc. I recommend hearing all of them, but to hear only the Glazunov piece, skip to 8:10 ... see what I did there? ...
  2. #24 - Bernard Haitink conducting LSO - Brahms - Symphony No. 4

    King of Instruments-0057_0547_brahms_s4_250s-jpg

    Let me say this right off the bat: I adore and worship Haitink. Much like Karajan or Herr Furtwangler or Barenboim or Bernstein. Well, numerically, I'd assign him a lower number... but, why is this relevant?

    Moving on, having consumed only pre-90s Brahms 4 for a good part of the past year [six records I believe?], listening to a modern interpretation by one of the greatest, most talented conductors alive was a breadth of fresh air.
  3. #22 - Wand conducts DSO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 8

    1. The tempi are very expansive.... slower but that helps out in bringing better clarity.

    2. Not very familiar with the work. Scarcely.

    3. The finale is as orgasmic or satisfying as Karajan's final Bruckner 8 on DG was. {RECOMMENDED WITH HONORS}

    4. The sound is astoushingly good. Might be my standards because of mono and electrical records but the sound is superb ...
  4. #20 - Furtwangler conducting BPO - Schubert - Symphony No. 9 [1942]

    Sorry for the late posting but I've been sort of busy playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut. Wait, that's a filthy excuse. Its not even an excuse. I'll promise to update more frequent, most loyal frequent readers. {Albert}

    Continuation of Furtwangler month:

    Oh, my, the more I hear of Herr Furtwangler, the more enraptured I am by him. A most troubled man. Socially, politically, personally ...

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  5. #19 - Furtwangler conducting BPO - Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6

    A performance of Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony.

    I won't be providing an intellectual review wherein I break down every movement and analyse the reviews. Keeping things brief here:

    1. The tempi choices are wonderful and very much agreeable. Not as grand as Bernstein's DG retake.

    2. The intensity {The God of Power and Passion, after all} is thrilling here, even if the poor ...
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