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  1. The Power of Performance: Impressions on Stephen Coombs' Glazunov Project, Part I

    Stephen Coombs is the only person on the planet to have learned the near entirety of Glazunov's piano music, and also to have recorded it. There are a number of complete solo music compilations out there, most notably by Duane Hulbert and Tatiana Franova, but neither of those pianists have also done the 2 Piano Concertos whereas Coombs has, all for the Hyperion label. If there was a pianist who monopolized on a single composer, Coombs would be it for Glazunov. His discography:


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  2. Viola da gamba, day 1

    So today was my first day of playing a viol. It's a treble, and it's fairly difficult to play, though not really in ways I would expect.

    First, the fact that I'm using a completely different set of muscles from those used to play viola doesn't seem to bother me. It's the same basic set of principles: you make the bow sound using the natural weight of your arm, the bow grip actually feels quite nice and relaxed, and the strings react in more or less the same way as does the modern ...
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  3. Musical Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 2


    Impressionist. That's probably the best descriptive term for him. Prokofiev did so many things in his music that simply don't make sense if one were to look at each piece of the puzzle. One has to see the complete picture to try to understand the ideas he's trying to communicate. In this way, harmony often overrides melody because an idea doesn't always need a melody. Yet Prokofiev has a clever way of combining melody with unusual harmony sometimes.

  4. Music Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 1

    This was fun to write.

    There is so much that can be analyzed by Prokofiev, so I will organize it into several sections. I will add onto it over time, perhaps.


    * Orchestration/Instrumentation
    * Melody
    * Harmony
    * Tone/Form


    It's quite easy to tell what instrument was his favorite: piano. He wrote 9 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, a score of piano ...

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