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  1. My thoughts on BBC's adaptation of Tolstoy's War and Peace

    Tolstoy's War and Peace always has protagonist groups of 3. Above, we see the main 3. But there are other trios who come and go, and mix together. My favorite character is Marya Bolkonsky, who I related to the most in the story. Her "trio" shifted around between her brother Andrei, Natasha Rostova, and eventually Nikolai Rostova. She is one of the great heroines of the ...

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  2. Preview of my novel "Brother" from Chapter 16

    Chapter 16

    As promised, Sasha went to the Thursday rehearsal later in the afternoon and took Ana Pavlovna out. She didn’t act much different from how she was at the gathering, except that she felt no pressure to fight for his attention anymore. Sasha decided to take her somewhere intimate and simple, not overly ostentatious and luxurious. Perhaps then he could reveal a different side to her. In this little tavern at twilight, he had an interesting conversation with her.
    “How ...
  3. Dostoevsky: My other favorite Russian

    First came Glazunov, then came Dostoevsky.

    It would be insincere to say that Dostoevsky doesn't influence me as much because he wasn't a composer. Quite the contrary! Dostoevsky inspired a great surge in creative writing interest in myself, and I came to love his writing style besides his characters, themes and story lines. He's the single greatest influence on me as a writer.

    Biography of Dostoevsky

    Quotes from his writings, as he often used his characters to divulge his ideas, or sometimes contradict them insightfully ...
  4. Current Listening Vol III

    by , Nov-09-2015 at 23:37 (I was cured, all right!)
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    Stile Antico
    A Wondrous Mystery: Renaissance Music for Christmas
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  5. Current Listening Vol III

    by , Nov-09-2015 at 22:40 (I was cured, all right!)
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    Lisa Delan / Lester Lynch / Volti
    December Celebration
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