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  1. Walter Gieseking Plays Mozart

    For readers who are following my month-long series of piano recital podcasts by great pianists of yesterday and today – Ciccolini playing Satie, Kempff playing Brahms or even last week’s Vinyl’s Revenge post featuring Tamás Vásáry playing Chopin, today’s Once Upon the Internet is another piano recital featuring a late great pianist of the 20th century performing works from the piano catalog of one composer.

    Today’s feature composer is Wolfgang Mozart, who leaves us with a rich catalog ...
  2. Tamás Vásáry Plays Chopin

    Pianist Tamás Vásáry, like his colleagues Vladimir Ashkenazy and Christoph Eschenbach (only to name those two) is less and less heard on the instrument where he made his mark in the 1960’s, and is more known as a conductor.

    Born in Hungary, Vásáry made his stage debut at the age of 8, performing Mozart's Piano Concerto in D major, K.107 and giving a solo recital the following year. He then began to concertize regularly as a child prodigy; it was at this time that he was introduced ...
  3. Brautigam & Beethoven

    This month, most of my posts here and on my blog and podcast feature great pianists of today and yesterday performing works of a single composer. Most of these posts will feature solo piano, but not today - this Podcast Vault re-run features "piano concertos", kind of a last kick at the concerto can (if you've been following my posts over the last couple of months, you know what I mean ) ...

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  4. La Chronique du Disque (April 2015)

    For those unfamiliar with our monthly recordings review - If Sound Quality (SQ) and Overall Impression (OI) grades need further context, feel free to visit earlier posts in this series.

    My Suggestions for April

    [IMG] N-2-9836_COVER_WEB.jpg&h=290&w=290&zc=1
  5. Cellist Reiner Hochmuth plays Boccherini and Tchaikovsky

    This week, I have retained four works downloaded years ago off the original MP3.COM, featuring cellist Reiner Hochmuth and two East-Europpean orchestras. Mr. Hochmuth was featured a few years back in performances of the Haydn cello concertos.

    Born in 1743 in Lucca, Italy, Luigi Boccherini began studying the cello at an early age with his father, a double-bass player who had also some knowledge of the cello. At thirteen he was sent to Rome where the well-known cellist G. B. Costanzi ...
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