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  1. Robin Alciatore Plays Chopin

    I know I'm a few days shy of Valentine's Day, but I thought I would share some romantic music for this moth's installment of Once Upon the Internet, and delve into some downloads from the defunct MP3.COM.

    For those of us who emember the site, there were a few "special pages"of classical content, and one of them was aptky titled "The Music of Frederic Chopin" and featured ...
  2. Night Train - Oscar Peterson Trio

    In the third of three posts this January, we now turn to my vinyl collection and another look at trios. In my last post, I suggested that the “standard classical trio” consists of piano, violin and cello, however trios come in all shapes, be it the Brahms trio we featured last time, or as is the case today, the “standard jazz trio” combination of piano, bass and drums.

    In jazz (as in all ensemble play, really) there are several types of trios. In addition to the piano/bass/drum ...
  3. Leopold Wlach Plays Brahms

    For our second Tuesday Blog for January, I have another Once Upon the Internet post for your enjoyment, this time a downloaded from the Japanese site Public Domain Classic a few years back.

    In a past PTB post, I discussed how in 1890 Johannes Brahms vowed to retire from composing, and how this plan turned out to be short lived.

    In January 1891 he made a trip to Meiningen for an arts festival and was captivated by performances of the Weber Clarinet Concerto No. 1 and the ...
  4. Elena Kuschnerova Plays Tchaikovsky

    This month I have three Tuesday Blog posts lined up – two of them explore trios, and this one explores some of the piano music of Peter Tchaikovsky.

    When we think of Tchaikovsky, we think of his ballets and his great orchestral works, but often neglect his quite substantive piano catalog , which includes two piano sonatas, and numerous “collections” of anywhere between three and eighteen piano pieces. The most famous of these collections is his set of twelve “characteristic ...
  5. The Power of Performance: Impressions on Stephen Coombs' Glazunov Project, Part II

    PART 2

    Coombs divides the solo piano music of Glazunov into 4 volumes, each one featuring at least one long work. Thus, the Theme and Variations op. 72, the 2 piano sonatas, and the Prelude and Fugues op. 101 are all on separate discs. Coombs made sure to add works without opus number as well, including a few student works of bizarre maturity. In this way, Coombs gives each work its due, and thus making the volumes have a kind of big-picture progression in and of itself.

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