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  1. The Power of Performance: Impressions on Stephen Coombs' Glazunov Project, Part I

    Stephen Coombs is the only person on the planet to have learned the near entirety of Glazunov's piano music, and also to have recorded it. There are a number of complete solo music compilations out there, most notably by Duane Hulbert and Tatiana Franova, but neither of those pianists have also done the 2 Piano Concertos whereas Coombs has, all for the Hyperion label. If there was a pianist who monopolized on a single composer, Coombs would be it for Glazunov. His discography:


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  2. Tchaikovsky, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Riccardo Muti ‎– Symphony No.1 In G Minor

    December has been here for two weeks already and we here in Ottawa have yet to experience “winter weather”. I shoveled the driveway once, and we had one bout of freezing rain that caused limited havoc on our roads. Temperatures have been milder than years past, and the Rideau Canal is far from ready for Winterlude. Thank you, Global Warming!

    This, I trust, is nothing but a temporary setback, and one has to think that by Christmas (in 10 days already…) snow and chill will add to ...
  3. A Suite at the Movies

    December already! Another year comes to an end, and another season of shopping and partying begann in earnest last week - yes, even uus in Canada are no longer immune to Black Friday.

    Black Friday has now displaced Boxing Day (the day after Christmas, December 26) as the busiest shopping day of the year here in Canada. For me and my two younger cousins (who aren't t young ...

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  4. In Memoriam - Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915)

    This week’s Once Upon the Internet highlights the 100th anniversary of the passing of mystic, visionary, virtuoso, and composer Alexander Scriabin with a modest sampling of some of his compositions.

    According to the AMG , Scriabin dedicated his life to creating musical works which would, as he believed, open the portals of the spiritual world. Scriabin took piano lessons ...
  5. In Memoriam - Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)

    November is a month I usually reserve on this and my other platforms for remembering those we have lost. This is the first of two posts on the Tuesday Blog underscoring the passing of great musicians.

    On October 14 1990 - a little more than 25 years ago ...

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