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A Thematic Catalogue of My Works Part II: Concertante

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by , Jan-04-2012 at 03:39 (768 Views)
To continue my thematic catalogue of my works I will have Part II for my many not-so-fantastic (and two quite good) concerti. Most were written in 2009 so there are going to be lots that are actually tonal.

Pre-Avant-Garde period

Recorder Concerto in A minor (a couple of weeks in September 2008)
Duration: 12-13'
Instrumentation: Alto or Sopranino recorder and strings.
Description: This concerto was written right after I found out I didn't win a certain composition competition with a fugue I wrote for various types of recorders. The concerto uses the standard three movement form.
I. Allegro
II. Andante (decided to use theme and variations here instead of ternary form)
III. Allegro vivace

Violin Concerto no. 1 in C major (composed on the 8th of February 2009)
Duration: 9'
Instrumentation: Solo violin and strings.
Description: This was the first of my four violin concerti written in 2009. Very standard in structure and very boring musically.
This was my schedule for the day:
7:00am Wake up have breakfast etc.
8:00am Write the first movement of the concerto until 11:30
11:30am Break for an hour. During this time I ate lunch
12:30pm Write the second movement until 3:30
3:30pm Half-hour break in which I ate a snack
4:00pm Write the last movement of the concerto until 9:00pm with a break for dinner somewhere in there
9:00pm Jump up and down excited as I have successfully completed my fist violin concerto in one day.

Violin Concerto no. 2 in D minor (composed 1st of March 2009)
Duration: 12'
Instrumentation: Solo violin and strings.
Description: My daily schedule was the same as the one above when composing this. It is my absolute favourite of the violin concerti I wrote before my switch to atonality. Standard in structure also, but with the appearance of a fugue to start off the last movement. I still think this was one of my best tonal works.

Violin concerto no. 3 in A minor (can't remember the date exactly but it was in May 2009)
Duration: 11'
Instrumentation: Solo violin and strings.
Description: Another one of my compose-in-one-day concerti. Harmonically more interesting than the first two, it is still pretty standard and boring. The last movement also starts as a fugue.

Violin concerto no. 4 in F major (21st of June 2009)
Duration: 9-10'
Instrumentation: Solo violin and strings.
Description: standard form as the rest. This one bears more resemblance to the C major concerto I wrote in February. I think this one is the worst concerto I've written. No fugue in the last movement.

Cello Concerto in (goodness gracious I forgot what key it's in!)(forgot the date, June 2009)
Duration: 14'
Instrumentation: Solo cello and strings.
Description: This one is unique compared to all the other concerti I wrote in 2008/2009. It is a standard three movement concerto but has a slow introduction in the first movement. All of the movements are joined together without a break which I haven't done since. The second movement includes an accompanied cadenza (something else I haven't done since) and the last movement ends with some kind of Andante Maestoso coda. It seems that all the minor key concerti I have written have been the most interesting.

Guitar Concerto in G major sometimes known as "no. 1" (forgot the date, July 2009)
Duration: 9'
Instrumentation: Solo guitar and strings
Description: This was one of the first things I ever wrote for my main instrument, the classical guitar. I realised how hard it was to compose anything good for classical guitar when still at an intermediate level. The concerto is known as my first guitar concerto because of an arrangement I made of another guitar work to be played by a guitar and string orchestra. This G major concerto also exists in a version for guitar, piano, violin and viola.

Avant-Garde Period

Two Movements for Guitar and String Orchestra (Guitar Concerto no. 2) after my Guitar Quintet (October 2011)
Duration: 5'
Instrumentation: Do I have to spell it out for ya?
Description: This work is one of my better works from last year. After I composed music by hand the kids in my class really wanted to hear it so I had to input it onto Sibelius. The jagged, grotesque, scherzo-like second movement made them crack up. I was proud.

Violin Concerto no. 5 (December 2011 to sometime later in 2012)
Duration: Still not finished yet, but will go for 15 minutes.
Instrumentation: Solo violin, 2 flutes, 2 soprano saxophones, 2 bassoons, 2 trumpets, 2 ondes martenots, percussion and strings.
Description: I have decided that this concerto will use my favourite four movement form that I invented when composing my Piano Quintet in 2010.
I. Slow and mysterious.
II. Fast and contrapuntal.
III. Fast and dance like.
IV. Slow and melodic.

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  1. HarpsichordConcerto's Avatar
    These sound very tempting to listen to! We need concerts dedicated to your music!
  2. aleazk's Avatar
    When you say "tonal", what do you mean exactly?, or "avant-garde". Those are very broad terms for getting an idea of your, as you say, drastical change in your compositional style. For example, I have some "tonal" pieces (in the sense that sometimes there is a center tone), but they are very disonant. I would not categorize these pieces as "avant-garde", but certainly I think they are "modern" in some senses. Your avant-garde period is serialist?. Regards.
  3. ComposerOfAvantGarde's Avatar
    ^my "tonal" works all sound like they were written in the 18th century. I use the term "avant-garde period" as a bit of a joke on my username. I don't particularly like the term myself, but I think it sounds cool. The works written after 2009 are freely atonal and make often make use of complex polyrhythms and explore wide ranges of different tone colours etc. but they are not serial. I tried it and it in my suite for five guitars (2010) and it didn't work for me.

    @HC, those concerts would drive away the audience.
    Updated Jan-10-2012 at 04:35 by ComposerOfAvantGarde
  4. aleazk's Avatar
    ^^Ok, thanks for your reply. That was very clarifying. I love free atonalism and interesting tone colours. Regards.