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  1. A Thematic Catalogue of My Works Part IV: Operas

    by , Jan-11-2012 at 03:45 (Me, My Compositions, My Libretti and My Life, by ComposerOfAvantGarde)
    Yet another instalment in my series of blog posts about my life's work (or rather, everything I have done since November 2007). In this blog post I will talk about my operas, two of which are complete and one which is abandoned. This instalment might not turn out to be particularly long, so I will also write about some of the operas I intend to write probably starting next year.

    Pre-Avant-Garde Period

    The Swineherd, a fairy tale opera I hoped would be in 2 acts (Abandoned) ...

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  2. The Libretto to My Second Opera

    by , Dec-14-2011 at 04:11 (Me, My Compositions, My Libretti and My Life, by ComposerOfAvantGarde)
    Here is the libretto of the Prologue and Act I of my second opera. I'll put up Act II at a later date. So, until then, tell me what you think:

    The King's Horn
    A Short Comic Chamber Opera in a Prologue and Two Acts

    The palace. The baby king's bedroom.
    The king's parents are in there admiring their new son.

    King's Father: Just to think that our new baby boy would one day become the King of this entire country.
    King's ...

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