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Classical Music

  1. Preview of my novel "Brother" from Chapter 16

    Chapter 16

    As promised, Sasha went to the Thursday rehearsal later in the afternoon and took Ana Pavlovna out. She didn’t act much different from how she was at the gathering, except that she felt no pressure to fight for his attention anymore. Sasha decided to take her somewhere intimate and simple, not overly ostentatious and luxurious. Perhaps then he could reveal a different side to her. In this little tavern at twilight, he had an interesting conversation with her.
    “How ...
  2. The Power of Performance: Impressions on Stephen Coombs' Glazunov Project, Part I

    Stephen Coombs is the only person on the planet to have learned the near entirety of Glazunov's piano music, and also to have recorded it. There are a number of complete solo music compilations out there, most notably by Duane Hulbert and Tatiana Franova, but neither of those pianists have also done the 2 Piano Concertos whereas Coombs has, all for the Hyperion label. If there was a pianist who monopolized on a single composer, Coombs would be it for Glazunov. His discography:


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  3. Glazunov's Writings, Blog 3: Collaborative Diatribe against the Autocracy, 1905

    Being written in collaboration, I can only guess that Glazunov wouldn't have normally spoken this harshly unless he had people to stand with him, i.e. other St. Petersburg Conservatory Professors. With that said, it is still impressive statement.

    Context: In the winter before, Rimsky-Korsakov was dismissed from the Conservatory for supporting student demonstrations (see 1905 demonstrations of Russia). Glazunov, Liadov, and a few others in turn left the school, basically shutting down ...

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  4. Glazunov's Writings, Blog 2: Robert Schumann & the E flat Symphony [No. 3 "Rhenish"]

    AKA Glazunov being a REALLLLL snoot while also being quite the zealous advocate of one of his all-time favorite compositions. I got a lot of laughs out of this one, and it was much easier to translate:

    The great German composer Robert Schumann, born in 1810, unlike his predecessors, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn and contemporaries, began to study thoroughly and musically develop relatively late, having been about 20 years old.
    The creative attitude Schumann began ...

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  5. Glazunov's Writings, Blog 1: On the Work of a Composer

    The first of what I hope will be many more essays I will translate by him. The Russian grammar was hard to translate to English, but I tried my best! We begin:

    It is very difficult to answer the question of how musical thoughts arise, what furthers the creative process and what living conditions contribute to the creative work. My situation was generally so. First, when improvising at the piano, or directly, such as while walking or insomnia occurred to the melody or the so-called ...

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