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  1. BACH keeps it green - continued

    (Seriously, only 10 pictures or videos per post?)

    Bach Re-invented

    All things considered, the whole "Bach transcription" phenomenon is a much more recent thing - mainly from the 19th to 20th centuries. Let me point out a handful of examples.

    Sir Edward Elgar's orchestration of the Prelude (Fantasy) and Fugue, in C minor for organ, BWV 537:

    The chaconne from Bach's ...
  2. Gumdrops for 2011 - Part II

    This is the sixth of Pierre's Twelve Days of Blogging.

    Continuing on the theme of notable finds for 2011, some more CDs, and some Internet finds to share.

    Non-Classical Selections

    Four Charlie Parker's "Complete" Compilations (21 cd's)

    I have owned for a number of years a 2 LP-set of Cjharlie Parker's studio work onthe ...