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Pierre's Tuesday Blog

Weekly blog on music, featuring selections openly available on the Web. Also, a "teaser" of things to come on my Friday blog and podcast on Blogspot.

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  1. Tchaikovsky - The Shakespeare Trilogy

    YouTube giveth, YouTube taketh away…

    One of the first posts I made in my Cover 2 Cover series was of a double-CD set of Tchaikovsky’s tone poems. In that post, I discussed four of the eight tracks in that set. At that time, all eight tracks were active on YouTube.

    Since then, the tracks have been removed; it’s happened to me before, which is why I always back up the tracks into my digital music collection.

    All this to say that the tracks we will be discussing
  2. Beethoven Live!

    For my final Tuesday Blog for 2017, as promised, here are some year-end fireworks from Mr. Beethoven: two symphomies that were created almost 210 years ago, on the fateful evening of 22 December 1808 - his Symphoies no. 5 and 6, performed in front of a captive audience and captured for posterity.

    The first performance is from a radio broadcast of 23 May 1954, the last year of Furtwangler's life with the Berlin Philharmonic. The Pastorale is very slow, ruminative, moving to a different
  3. Orchestre Symphonique De Montréal, Holst, Charles Dutoit ‎– The Planets

    For my last two Tuesday Blogs for 2017, I programmed some Christmas presents for you, works that should please everybody, casual and vested CM lovers alike.

    Written between 1914-1916 by British composer Gustav Holst, this week’s featured work ‘The Planets’ is a suite of seven short tone poems, each representing one the known planets of the Solar System seen from Earth at the time, and their corresponding astrological character.

    According to Kenric Taylor’s “Gustav Holst website
  4. Schubert: 15 Lieder / Gundula Janowitz, Charles Spencer

    This week’s Tuesday Blog is an installment of our Cover2Cover series, with a 1989 recording of the esteemed soprano Gundula Janowitz in a Milan recital, singing a selection of 15 lieder by Franz Schubert, accompanied at the piano by Charles Spencer.

    According to, Schubert's body of work includes over 600 songs for voice and piano. That number alone is vastly impressive - many composers fail to reach that number of compositions in their entire output, let alone
  5. Rachmaninov on Vinyl

    This week’s Vinyl’s Revenge considers two orchestral works by Sergey Rachmaninov, emanating from two different periods in his composing career.

    Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2 was written in 1906–07. The score is dedicated to Sergei Taneyev, a Russian composer, teacher, theorist, author, and pupil of Tchaikovsky. Alongside his second and third Piano Concertos, this symphony remains one Rachmaninov's best known compositions.

    Parts of the third movement were used for pop
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