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  1. Bruckner's Fifth

    Anton Bruckner’s Symphony no. 5 was written at a time of much trouble and disillusionment un the composer's life - it is not outwardly a work of storm and stress, yet is one of his most contrapuntally intricate works. The symphony is sometimes referred to as "Tragic", or "Church of Faith". Three of its four movements (1, 2 and 4) begin with pizzicato strings, hence its other nickname, “the Pizzicato Symphony”. The pizzicato figures are symmetrical, in the sense that the ...
  2. Virgil Fox in Recital

    A few weeks ago, we showcased some works performed by British born American-based organist E. Power Biggs. Among Biggs’ rivals was concert organist Virgil Fox, who was known for a more flamboyant "Heavy Organ" style of performance. Fox decried Biggs' insistence on historical accuracy, claiming that it was "relegating the organ to a museum piece".

    According to the Virgil Fox Legacy website, Fox was born ...
  3. Brahms “In Camara” at the Gardner Museum

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    Today's post is the first of three that I have planned for this series that uses material from the Gardner Museum's Music Library, a place we have turned to consistently in past chamber series.

    Brahms' attitude toward the importance of the string quartet as the ultimate expression of the composer's craft can be understood when it is considered that he reputedly sketched and destroyed ...

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  4. Haydn: The "Tween" Symphomnies

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    My post today lines up somewhat with my ongoing look at the music of Joseph Haydn - cello works last week, and my 3-pat series (finishing Friday) look at the Paris symphonies.

    In the first post of that series, I spoke of Haydn's contract with the Court of Esterházy and how Haydn, in renewing that commitment, received more freedom to compose for other orchestras and for other sponsors. The Paris symphonies (composed for the Comte d'Ogny) and the London symphonies ...

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  5. Mozart Recital from the Gardner Museum

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    Mozart ...and Much More!

    Our second Mozrt and Much More post is a set of three pieces performed in recital at the Gardner Museum of Boston – which we visited often this summer in our Sonata series.

    To begin, Mozart's Piano Quartet G minor, K. 478, is considered the first major piece composed for piano quartet in the chamber music repertoire. Cast in Mozart's most dramatic key, the ...

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