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  1. Porgy And Bess - The Jazz Version

    This installment of Once Upon the Internet looks at a 1950's studio version of Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess, featuring singers Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, which I uploaded years ago from (as I re all) a Russian site.

    The Porgy discography is vast - from the 1940's "original cast" recording, the soundtrack to the Otto Preminger feature film, to large opera productions by established opera companies, with "concept albums" inspired from the Gershwin work, ...
  2. Die Fledermaus

    This is the eighth of Pierre's Twelve Days of Blogging.

    What if you had to go to jail on New Year's Eve - what would you do?

    Party, of course!

    That's essentially the plot for the Johann Strauss operetta DIe Fledermaus (The bat). There's of course love, flirtations, drinking and the great music of Strauss! What else could you ask for?

    Austrians have a long tradition of welcoming the New Year with a performance of Die Fledermaus. Musical ...

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  3. This Day in Music History - 24 December 1951

    This is the first of Pierre's Twelve Days of Blogging.

    Recommended Reading:Three Kings in 50 minutes

    To kick off my Twelve Days of Blogging, I have chosen a very special TDMH post, which takes us back exactly 60 years to the Golden Age of Television, that has double significance:

    • The first ever installment of American television's

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  4. ¿Qué tal Carmén?

    Related thread:

    En français:

    One thing I haven't done much is discuss operas on this blog. There's no particular reason, it just happens that's how the cookie crunbles. Today, I thought I would share my faviourite recording of Carmen by Georges Bizet, provide some highlights and propose three works inspired by the opera.

    Carmen ...

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