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  1. My Beef regarding Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahm's music (Part 1)

    by , Apr-12-2011 at 16:00
    Disclaimer: This is only my opinion. Air and Polednice, remember, I like you both!


    People always told me I am close-minded. They mentioned, that once I set my mind into a ''certain thing'', it is hard to change it a bit. My sister in particular, told me ''(insert my name here), you suck!''. I can't say I agree with her, because I think, she (a brat) sucks more than I. ...
  2. The Greatness of Franz Schubert (Part 1)

    by , Apr-12-2011 at 06:34

    I never liked the classical era of music , in general. Beethoven is too bombastic, Mozart is too light and Haydn, a fluffy composer who irritates me with his pleasant tunes. I admit, after reading St.lukes defense on Haydn, I've come to respect him a little.

    I've first discovered Franz Schubert after watching the last pastiche of Disney's Fantasia. Schubert's Ave Maria (Ellen's Ditter Gesang) was ...
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