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  1. A Poem

    by , Dec-18-2011 at 02:22
    I always forget about the blogging area, but, it having popped into my mind, I thought I'd share with a little thing I wrote.


    The approach of a new year is always a good time to reflect on where we are as individuals, as communities, as societies, as nations, and as a species. Often though, this leaves me thinking something to the effect: "How on earth in 2011 do people still think things like [i]that[/i]?!" One sad thing I have come across repeatedly ...
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  2. Three Tales of Madness

    by , Aug-05-2011 at 20:36


    Antony - an Idiot - lives a life of blissful simplicity. In a shed at the bottom of his parents' garden, he has all he needs: a bed, a TV, food, and all of it provided for free. In his little world, where ambition and planning-for-the-future don't exist, he is a rich man. A very rich man. Every month, thanks to his high-flying job in the retail industry, he is paid literally hundreds of pounds, lasting him literally days, ...
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  3. Three Tales of Madness

    by , Aug-05-2011 at 01:41


    Antony - an Idiot - recently planned to propose to his girlfriend, but has recently been dumped. The female in question, Chloe - a Sociopath - decided to dispose of him for some unknowable reason, yet no tears have been shed, no lovers' routines discarded, as they experienced that rare brand of true love which isn't missed when it's undone. Naturally, having been a former couple of ten-dates-long (each of them in the peculiar ...
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  4. Music and Literature

    by , Apr-16-2011 at 00:14
    Hello y'all!

    As some of you will already know, I study literature at university. Owing to my love of language and poetry, this is what informs my passion for the [b]tone poem[/b] above all other types of music.

    Unfortunately, though I think it's imperative to understand the literature behind a literary-inspired piece of music - even if you listen to the music first before searching out the relevant texts - it's too often the case that people simply aren't interested, ...