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  1. RR: 168. Fauré: Piano Quartets, opp. 15 & 45

    1. Domus (1985)

    2. Trio Wanderer, Tamestit (2008)

    3. Hubeau, Gallois-Montbrun, Lequien, Navarra (1970)

    4. Collard,
  2. RR: 167. Brahms: Symphony #3 in F, op. 90

    1. Walter (cond.), Columbia Symphony Orchestra (1960)

    2. Szell (cond.), Cleveland Orchestra (1964)

    3. Klemperer (cond.), Philharmonia Orchestra (1957)

    4. Abbado (cond.),
  3. The Piano Music of Scott Joplin (Part 2)

    To complete our two-part survey of the piano music of Scott Joplin, I wanted to share tracks I downloaded from a still-active Public Domain site, LiberMusica.

    In the first installment in this series I observed that the tempo on some of the ragtime tracks I unearthed years ago was, well, rather ...
  4. RR: 166. Strauss, R.: Der Rosenkavalier, op. 59

    1. Karajan (cond.), Schwarzkopf, Ludwig, Stich-Randall, Edelmann, Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus (1956)

    2. Solti (cond.), Crespin, Donath, Minton, Jungwirth, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna State Opera Chorus (1969)

    3. E. Kleiber
  5. The Piano Music of Scott Joplin (Part 1)

    This month has five Tuesdays and, as luck would have it, I happen to have some spare material to share. So here's the first of a two-part series, for your listening pleasure.

    This week's installment of Once Upon the Internet brings in music from two source sites: the old MP3.COM and an Italian public domain site that is no longer active,

    Back in the day, I amassed quite a few tracks from the piano music of the great African-American composer Scott Joplin ...
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