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  1. Amateur Night at Harvard

    This week, Once Upon the Internet returns after taking a break last month to listen to “professionals” playing at Boston’s Gardner Museum. We will stay in Boston, and indeed will take in another concert, but this one is of a different kind.

    According to the University’s website, Harvard’s vast and varied music scene offers multiple opportunities for students in both the curricular and extracurricular realms. The Office for the Arts oversees and supports several professionally-led ...
  2. Showdown at the OK Corral...

    Showdown at the OK Corral...

    Account of painful argument with Fiddle Guru - available on request...

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  3. Karl Böhm Conducts Richard Strauss

    This week’s Vinyl’s Revenge is an old favourite recording of mine, featuring Karl Böhm conducting four works by his friend and mentor Richard Strauss, including two of his oft-heard tone Poems: Till Eulenspiegel and Don Juan.

    I thought I would sjhare with you excerpts from a Gramophone interview from 1972 authored by music critic Alan Blyth. In it, there are a pair of long anecdotes about Richard Strauss and their mutual admiration:

    "[…] I met Strauss for the
  4. listening percentages

    In February 2015 KenOC challenged us to estimate how much time we spent listening to various composers as a percentage of the total time we spent listening to music. Because I listen to music almost exclusively on iTunes, I was able to make a fairly precise reckoning. I will try to find that thread so that I can post my numbers from that time here.

    Edit: Found it:

    8.00% - Beethoven
    7.69% - Bach
    3.55% - Mozart
    3.21% - Haydn
    3.06% - Brahms ...

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  5. Five Years of Tuesday Blogs

    I joined TalkClassical in May of 2011, and started my Tuesday Blog a few weeks later. The landscape hasn’t changed much – some of the TC lurkers have come and gone, but I have tried to stay the course, though my contributions have been limited to a few per month over the last while. Balancing work, home and my pastimes can be a challenge!

    Allow me to take a moment to thank my fellow TC’ers – past and present – for their continued support and readership, as well as for their ...