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  1. RR: 133: Mendelssohn: String Quartet #6 in F minor, op. 80

    1. Leipzig String Quartet (2002)

    2. Henschel Quartet (2001)

    3. Artis Quartet (1988)

    4. Talich Quartet (2003)

  2. RR: 132. Brahms: String Quartets op. 51

    1. Alban Berg Quartet (1978)

    2. Emerson String Quartet (2007)

    3. Tokyo String Quartet (1984)

    4. Takács Quartet
  3. RR: 131. Dvořák: String Quartet #12 in F, op. 96 "American"

    1. Pavel Haas Quartet (2010)

    2. Talich Quartet (1976)

    3. Hagen Quartet (1986)

    4. Smetana Quartet (1966)


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  4. Wolfgang Schneiderhan (1915 –2002)

    In past Once Upon the Internet posts, I have shared parts of recordings featuring first chairs of the Vienna Philharmonic such as Walter Barylli and, more recently, Leopold Wlach. Today, I add a third post featuring a longtime member of the famed orchestra, violoinust Wolfgang Schneiderhan.

    Schneiderhan was born in Vienna where he primarily studied under Julius ...
  5. My essay on Michael Crawford's singing

    In which I discuss Crawford's talents as a singer and interpreter, with focus on his most famous musical role.

    Michael Crawford, the Singer

    The Voice

    The Phantom of the Opera is the name of the character Michael Crawford created in both the London and Broadway productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's beloved musical. The music the Phantom sings is challenging, but Crawford’s voice could only seem operatic to someone unused to opera singers. In fact, his ...

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