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  1. RR: 140. Beethoven: Symphony #7 in A, op. 92

    1. C. Kleiber (cond.), Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (1976)

    2. Toscanini (cond.), New York Philharmonic Orchestra (1936)

    3. Furtwängler (cond.), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (1943)

  2. Birthday Tribute: 1906 Poem for Glazunov in honor of his 25th anniversary as composer

    It rhymes in Russian which is the funny part. He must have been very amused to read it... especially the allusions to tasty stuff...

    Многоуважаемый А.К. Глазунов
    Вы который, Вы, который
    Нам Бетховена милей,
    Самый ранний, самый скорый
    Заслужили юбилей.
    Вы, которому хваленья
    Сыплет мир со всех сторон,
  3. RR: 139. Purcell: Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626

    1. Lewis (cond.), Baker, Clark, Herincx, Sinclair, English Chamber Orchestra, St. Anthony Singers (1961)

    2. Hogwood (cond.), Bott, Kirkby, Ainsley, Thomas, Chance, Baird, Priday, Stowe, Lochmann, Academy of Ancient Music Orchestra & Chorus (1992)


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  4. Two Schubert Symphonies

    For the last few Once Upon the Internet posts in our monthly series, I shared some "complete" recordings I downloaded from now defunct sites. Today's share is from the old Public Domain Classic site, but borrows from two separate recordings.

    As I stated not so long ago on a post, when we think of Schubert, we think lieder and other intimate settings and not necessarily of symphonies. That having been said, Schubert did leave us 12 works (many of them fragmentary) that are ...
  5. RR: 138. Debussy: Nocturnes, L 91

    1. Haitink (cond.), Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Collegium Musicum Amstelodamense (1979)

    2. Boulez (cond.), Cleveland Orchestra & Chorus (1991)

    3. Monteux (cond.), Boston Symphony Orchestra, Berkshire Festival Chorus (1955)