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  1. #7 - Chailly conducting RCO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 1

    A "modern" cycle. Began in 1980s and ended recently at the start of the millennia. Recorded by Decca, so the sound of course is outstanding.

    A general note about the whole cycle is that this isn't your brass-heavy show that reminds one of Karajan or king of brass: Solti. Rather, it is a balanced approach where each and every instrument are given their fair due. This results in some calling the performance perhaps ...

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  2. The Apprentice Contortionist..

    I'm getting very discouraged about the piano since moving from all the froggy-and-kitty children's books to the adult tutor. It's because Rho is upping the ante. Not only must I play the notes right and sit correctly, but I must learn the correct technique with my hands. The first advice - to let my wrists relax between chords so that I don't get tension - took a few days to pick up, but I think I have.

    But now a whole lot of other advice has been given to me. I am making the left hand ...

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  3. #6 - Wand conducting NDR-Sinfonieorchester - Bruckner - Symphony No. 3

    I'm not a electrical/mono/early-stereo elitist. For the next record, I fast-forward 41 years:

    Should be splendid! Wand already has a well-acclaimed Bruckner cycle to his credit and his series of live Bruckner performances with Berliner Philharmoniker and NDR-Sinfonieorchesterare classics too.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

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  4. #5 - Furtwangler conducting Wiener Philharmoniker - Bruckner - Symphony No. 5

    Continuing in the Grand Furtwangler Tradition [GFT] {TM} (Yes, I produce a lot of Trademarks on a daily basis. Its just one of the perks of being humanity's savior. }

    Popped in this performance from Membran box set:

    Bruckner's Fifth Symphony - 1951 - Wiener Philharmoniker

    The loudness and dynamics seems to be testing the limits

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  5. #4 - Furtwangler conducting Wiener Philharmoniker - Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4

    Back to vintage: Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony conducted by Furtwangler and played by Wiener Philharmoniker (1951).

    Source is Membran box set again. For the sake of a cover, here you go:

    The performance is just mighty fine. Really stands as a testament to why Furtwangler was the God of Power and Electric Ferocity {TM}. That is, if you can bear the sound of a 64 year old record. Poor ...

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