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  1. Raymonda: On Trial? (blog 2)

    Glazunov completed Raymonda several months before it was premiered. As soon as he handed the music off to choreographer Marius Petipa, he is said to have tried to ditch the production, but Petipa insisted that Glazunov would come to rehearsals and monitor the ...

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  2. Raymonda: An Introduction to an Adventure (blog 1)

    In 1897, Russian composer Alexander Glazunov was commissioned his very first ballet. This was different than the other 2 commissions that he had earlier, one in 1892 where he was asked to take his Chopiniana suite and allow it for use in a ballet, thereby becoming what was the beginnings of Les Slyphides, and his Scenes de Ballet op. 52 commissioned by the St. Petersburg Opera Orchestra. Les Sylphides was created after the fact, ...

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  3. Robin Alciatore Plays Chopin

    I know I'm a few days shy of Valentine's Day, but I thought I would share some romantic music for this moth's installment of Once Upon the Internet, and delve into some downloads from the defunct MP3.COM.

    For those of us who emember the site, there were a few "special pages"of classical content, and one of them was aptky titled "The Music of Frederic Chopin" and featured ...
  4. My thoughts on BBC's adaptation of Tolstoy's War and Peace

    Tolstoy's War and Peace always has protagonist groups of 3. Above, we see the main 3. But there are other trios who come and go, and mix together. My favorite character is Marya Bolkonsky, who I related to the most in the story. Her "trio" shifted around between her brother Andrei, Natasha Rostova, and eventually Nikolai Rostova. She is one of the great heroines of the ...

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  5. RR: 116. Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D, op. 61

    1. Heifetz, Munch (cond.), Boston Symphony Orchestra (1955)

    2. Perlman, Giulini (cond.), Philharmonia Orchestra (1980)

    3. Oistrakh, Cluytens (cond.), French National Radio Orchestra (1958)