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  1. La Chronique du Disque (November 2013)

    by , Nov-26-2013 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    For those unfamiliar with our monthly recordings review - If Sound Quality (SQ) and Overall Impression (OI) grades need further context, feel free to visit earlier posts in this series.

    My acquisitions for November

    Menotti: The Medium - The Telephone

    Sometimes, the line between opera and musicals can be blurtred (think ...

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  2. Some Vivaldi Concertos

    by , Nov-19-2013 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    This week’s installment of Once Upon the Internet doesn’t require much preamble – I have packaged together a number of Vivaldi concertos for your listening pleasure.

    The first four concertos come from Vivaldi’s opus 4 (1712–1713) known as La stravanganza ("The Extravagance"). The set was first published in 1716 and was dedicated to a Venetian nobleman Signor Vettor Delfino. All of the concertos were scored for solo violin, strings, and basso continuo ...

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  3. Discovering Opera via Timeline #2 - Adriano Banchieri's "La Pazzia Senile" (1598)

    by , Nov-18-2013 at 19:17
    One more proto-opera before I get to the real thing. “La Pazzia Senile” by Adriano Banchieri is another notable madrigal comedy. It precedes what may be the first true opera, Peri’s “Euridice” by two years.
    A brief “plot” summary will show at least a superficial relationship with Vecchi’s “L’Amfiparnaso”, again using elements of the Commedia dell’arte. Once more, Pantalone moons over a woman of dubious repute (this time Lauretta instead of Hortensia). He also again has a daughter (Doralice ...
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  4. In Memoriam: Sir Colin Davis (1927-2013)

    by , Nov-12-2013 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    Read also:

    Sir Colin Davis, the world-renowned conductor who led the London Symphony Orchestra for many years left us this past April after a six-month illness. He was 85.

    According to his obituary (link provided above), Davis’ rich and fulfilling conducting ...

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  5. Unraveling Bolero

    by , Nov-05-2013 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)

    November is the month in our blogging activities when we take time to remember artists and composers we have lost – next week, I plan a Playlist featuring Sir Colin Davis. Today’s Podcast Vault selection goes back to last year’s month-long look at the 75th anniversary of the passing of four composers: Gershwin, Widor, Vierne and Ravel. The podcast I chose is my Ravel homage, and will also introduce a very ...

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