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  1. Suzuki

    Chapter Four - Suzuki.
    I spent about 15 months, from May 2012 to July 2013, playing Suzuki - Books 2 & 3 - before deciding that I didn't want to go on to Book 4. The Suzuki books helped me in lots of ways. The chief thing was the accompanying ...

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  2. Zara Nelsova Plays Dvořák

    Vinyl’s Revenge stays true to our ongoing look at concertos with a broadcast performance of Dvořák 's cello concerto by Canadian cellist Zara Nelsova (1918 - 2002).

    Born of Russian-Jewish parentage in Winnipeg, she studied at London’s Royal College of Music and went on take lessons from Casals, Piatigorsky and Feuermann. She made her concerto debut at age 12 in 1932 in London ...
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  3. Folk and Baroque

    Blair Atholl in Perthshire, May 2012:

    Chapter Three - Folk & Baroque
    I remember that I came to a decision as we were driving through Yorkshire - I checked it out, and John also thought it a good idea. After all, Fiddle Guru was a baroque specialist as well as playing in a ceilidh band, ...

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  4. Finding a Fiddle Guru

    Fiddle Guru - the director of Norwich Baroque:

    Story of Our Musical Retirement Continued: 2011-2012

    I could see how much John was enjoying his piano playing, and I thought about taking up the violin again. I had taken it up once before - when I was thirty - and taken lessons ...
  5. The story of our Musical Retirement.

    Discovering music in our Third Age has been like a miracle for Taggart and me. And this is how it happened:

    It all started when John retired, at the end of 2010. We had talked about him maybe returning to the piano, but only ...