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  1. In Performance from WGBH Boston

    As I scrape the drawer for Once Upon the Internet material, I thought I would share some music I downloaded from podcasts produced by WGBH in Boston, one of the flagship stations of the American Public Broadcaster, NPR.

    The works on the playlist are from some of your favourite composers, and played by musicians based in the North-Eastern US and (in the case of Jonathan Crow, long-tome associate concertmaster of the Montreal Symphony and now concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony) Eastern ...
  2. Respighi - Orchestre Symphonique De Montréal, Charles Dutoit ‎– Pines Of Rome, etc.

    Terry Blain writes in that Ottorino Respighi falls into that unenviable category of a composer whose reputation rests unduly on a particular work, or group of compositions. In his case it is the so-called ‘Roman Trilogy’, three separately conceived orchestral pieces penned between 1916-1928, his prime creative period.

    The popularity of the Trilogy has often been attributed to Respighi’s undeniable brilliance as an orchestrator, his ability to conjure a ...
  3. RR: 168. Fauré: Piano Quartets, opp. 15 & 45

    1. Domus (1985)

    2. Trio Wanderer, Tamestit (2008)

    3. Hubeau, Gallois-Montbrun, Lequien, Navarra (1970)

    4. Collard,
  4. RR: 167. Brahms: Symphony #3 in F, op. 90

    1. Walter (cond.), Columbia Symphony Orchestra (1960)

    2. Szell (cond.), Cleveland Orchestra (1964)

    3. Klemperer (cond.), Philharmonia Orchestra (1957)

    4. Abbado (cond.),
  5. The Piano Music of Scott Joplin (Part 2)

    To complete our two-part survey of the piano music of Scott Joplin, I wanted to share tracks I downloaded from a still-active Public Domain site, LiberMusica.

    In the first installment in this series I observed that the tempo on some of the ragtime tracks I unearthed years ago was, well, rather ...