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  1. Blog of Glazunovian Nonsense

    Because one CAN be "too sane"

    IMO Top 10 Lyrical Melodies (in no particular order)

    1. Lyric Poem - primary theme
    2. From the Middle Ages - I. Prelude, "love theme"
    3. Raymonda - Hymn (main theme of whole ballet),
    *honorable mention* - Raymonda Entr'actes of Act I and III
    4. Symphony No. 4 - minor-keyed theme of 1st movement
    5. The Seasons - Petit Adagio
    6. Violin Concerto - Andante (2nd section)
  2. RR: 82. Brahms: Piano Trio #1 in B, op. 8

    1. Katchen, Suk, Starker (1968)

    2. Rubinstein, Szeryng, Fournier (1972)

    3. Beaux Arts Trio (1967)

    4. Istomin, Stern, Rose (1974)

  3. RR: 81. Chopin: Ballades

    1. Zimerman (1987)

    2. Rubinstein (1959)

    3. Moravec (1965)

    4. Perahia (1994)

  4. RR: 80. Bach: Cantata #82 "Ich habe genug"

    1. Hotter, Bernard (cond.), Philharmonia Orchestra (1950)

    2. Lieberson, Smith (cond.), Orchestra of Emmanuel Music (2002)

    3. Fischer-Dieskau, Richter (cond.), Münchener Bach-Orchester (1970)

  5. By George!

    Yes, the Tuesday Blog returns after a summer hiatus, but we will be changing things somewhat programming-wise.

    One thing I discovered during this long summer break was that it’s really nice to have time to dedicate to other things! In an effort to try and do just that going forward, I decided to significantly reduce my activities here and elsewhere, at least for the foreseeable future. I plan to post maybe a few times a month on TC, with an emphasis on providing ...

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