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  1. Klezmer

    I first played a Klezmer tune out of a child's music book that I was studying with Stella. I liked it, but when she said that 'Klezmer uses different rules', it just confirmed my idiotic idea that Klezmer was the name of a provocative composer. Then, just before Christmas 2013, Fiddle Guru played me a tune out of Ilana Cravitz's Klezmer tutor, and I learned the truth. I felt so silly, but ever after I ...

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  2. #24 - Bernard Haitink conducting LSO - Brahms - Symphony No. 4


    Let me say this right off the bat: I adore and worship Haitink. Much like Karajan or Herr Furtwangler or Barenboim or Bernstein. Well, numerically, I'd assign him a lower number... but, why is this relevant?

    Moving on, having consumed only pre-90s Brahms 4 for a good part of the past year [six records I believe?], listening to a modern interpretation by one of the greatest, most talented conductors alive was a breadth of fresh air.
  3. On the use of mp3s

    Fiddle Guru is a technowizard & I do feel that now is a wonderful time to be learning music - with so many aids, like YouTube, Discussion Boards, Online-Tutors etc.

    My teacher thinks quite rightly that a violin pupil cannot ...

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  4. Suzuki

    Chapter Four - Suzuki.
    I spent about 15 months, from May 2012 to July 2013, playing Suzuki - Books 2 & 3 - before deciding that I didn't want to go on to Book 4. The Suzuki books helped me in lots of ways. The chief thing was the accompanying ...

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  5. Zara Nelsova Plays Dvořák

    Vinyl’s Revenge stays true to our ongoing look at concertos with a broadcast performance of Dvořák 's cello concerto by Canadian cellist Zara Nelsova (1918 - 2002).

    Born of Russian-Jewish parentage in Winnipeg, she studied at London’s Royal College of Music and went on take lessons from Casals, Piatigorsky and Feuermann. She made her concerto debut at age 12 in 1932 in London ...
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