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  1. #22 - Wand conducts DSO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 8

    1. The tempi are very expansive.... slower but that helps out in bringing better clarity.

    2. Not very familiar with the work. Scarcely.

    3. The finale is as orgasmic or satisfying as Karajan's final Bruckner 8 on DG was. {RECOMMENDED WITH HONORS}

    4. The sound is astoushingly good. Might be my standards because of mono and electrical records but the sound is superb ...
  2. Turning my Back on the Piano...

    I am going to give up on the piano - maybe to take it up again, as some suggest, in a few years if my circumstances change. At present, with John's illnesses and my mother's dementia, I feel as if I need more 'empty time' for me, as well as more time to keep the house & garden in order.

    The ...

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  3. J.S. Bach "en Espańa"

    Today’s Once Upon the Internet presents tracks uploaded from the site which a few years ago discontinued the distribution of “complete” works, only offering samples or streaming content). We owe the site to Michael Reckling, a trained German organist and visual artist who moved to Spain over 40 years ago.

    Reckling, who frequented the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Marbella was impressed with the location’s acoustics, and he took upon himself to ...
  4. #21 - Furtwangler/BPO/Schneiderhan - Beethoven - Violin Concerto [1953]

    Ah, Furtwangler's Beethoven. Always a classic. Whether it be the symphonies or the concertos for piano or for violin or opera or overtures. Even Große Fuge as the picture above would make clear.

    Onto the performance itself, this performance is not the critically acclaimed and commercially successful with Yehudi Menuhin one from 1947.

    Rather, it is from 1953 with Herr ...
  5. #20 - Furtwangler conducting BPO - Schubert - Symphony No. 9 [1942]

    Sorry for the late posting but I've been sort of busy playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut. Wait, that's a filthy excuse. Its not even an excuse. I'll promise to update more frequent, most loyal frequent readers. {Albert}

    Continuation of Furtwangler month:

    Oh, my, the more I hear of Herr Furtwangler, the more enraptured I am by him. A most troubled man. Socially, politically, personally ...

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