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  1. Tamás Vásáry Plays Chopin

    Pianist Tamás Vásáry, like his colleagues Vladimir Ashkenazy and Christoph Eschenbach (only to name those two) is less and less heard on the instrument where he made his mark in the 1960’s, and is more known as a conductor.

    Born in Hungary, Vásáry made his stage debut at the age of 8, performing Mozart's Piano Concerto in D major, K.107 and giving a solo recital the following year. He then began to concertize regularly as a child prodigy; it was at this time that he was introduced ...
  2. Fiddle Wars

    (Photo: 'travelling fiddle' used by eighteenth-century dancing masters.)

    Fiddle Guru is 30 years younger than me, & yet in some ways we're alike - both sensitive & passionate about music, both volatile of mood, both with a satirical sense of humour, and we also have a rapport when playing together. ...

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  3. Brautigam & Beethoven

    This month, most of my posts here and on my blog and podcast feature great pianists of today and yesterday performing works of a single composer. Most of these posts will feature solo piano, but not today - this Podcast Vault re-run features "piano concertos", kind of a last kick at the concerto can (if you've been following my posts over the last couple of months, you know what I mean ) ...

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  4. Bonnie and her Beaux

    When I got my Chinese starter violin, it had a cheap wooden bow in with it, which I named Beau. It did the job, though it had a nasty habit of juddering on slow notes - funny thing, all my bows have done that! Unfortunately, when I'm nervous, ...

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  5. Norwich Baroque

    When I started lessons with Fiddle Guru, I knew that he was a baroque specialist as well as playing in a ceilidh band, but I didn't know about Norwich Baroque.

    John has always been a fan of baroque music. I have always liked it too, but wasn't ...

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