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  1. Schubert, Klemperer, Philharmonia Orchestra ‎– Symphony No. 5 & 8

    This week, I am planning a pair of posts featuring the pairing of Otto Klemperer and the Philharmonia Orchestra. Today’s Tuesday Blog is one of our Vinyl’s Revenge segments, highlighting a favoutite recording from my old vinyl collection.

    The Orchestra

    It is commonly thought that the Philharmonia Orchestra was primarily formed for recording purposes by Walter Legge, a recording producer for EMI - but that was not Legge's intention. He had been Sir Thomas Beecham's ...
  2. Spur-of-the-moment blog! On this day March 21

    While people celebrate Bach's 331st birthday, today also marks the 80th anniversary of Glazunov's death. He died in Paris in 1936 in exile, but not alone. There by him were his wife and adopted daughter, and Russian friends who also lived in exile with him. He had a very honorable funeral in Paris where all his contemporary friends came, Russians and non-Russians. The column stone that resides on his grave today is ...

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  3. Beethoven's Ninth Live Concert Review (Houston Symphony Orchestra)

    Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 (Andrés Orozco-Estrada/Houston Symphony Orchestra)
    Leonard Bernstein: Chichester Palms

    March 18th, 2016 - Jones Hall

    Well, I saw Beethoven's Ninth live yesterday. I can now die.

    My review and thoughts:

    Movement 1, Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso: First, I'll say that I'm finally beginning to fully appreciate live music, the clarity and exchange of the instruments ...

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  4. J. S. Bach - Mass in B minor / Karajan

    Over the years, we have programmed sacred music – and especially organ music – during the Lenten season on the Tuesday Blog, and this week’s installment of Once Upon the Internet is one of those programs. No organ works this year – you’ll have to visit our Friday Blog and Podcast later this week for your dose of organ music!

    The sacred catalog of Johann Sebastian Bach includes many church cantatas, the Passions and other great vocal works, and a single complete Mass, in B Minor. ...
  5. Raymonda: Going to bed tonight (blog 7)

    Leaving the "plot hole" aside, that drew my attention to other things, the performance itself. Overall, I approve of the conductor. He picked some excellent interpretations for some of the numbers, though on certain things I heavily disagreed on. But another thing struck my attention: the orchestra was holding itself back. But... why? This isn't opera where the orchestra could easily overpower singers! This is ballet! Can music overpower dancing? Pish-posh! The absolutely awesome sections ...

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