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  1. Who was this man? An hommage to Glazunov, Part I

    I’m fond of studying composers as human beings. When you think about it, they weren’t anyone too spectacular. They walked streets, interacted with the world, had opinions, experiences, emotions, troubles, just like you and me. And even though they could do things that probably many of us never could do in our lifetimes, they were still real people. Not legends, not gods, not even the stuff of fiction. Just ordinary, mortal beings.
    Glazunov was indeed an unusual human being, but he was ...

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  2. Don't Ask Me Why: Epilogue

    A year had passed since that Saturday.

    No one had torn down the music building, but it stood as it always had. Instead, the Orchestra Rehearsal Room's floor was decorated with a mosaic of tiles bearing the names of people who gave their condolences to those affected by the tragedy. Thousands of names, musicians and community members alike, were engraved into the beautiful blue-and-white tiles so that not a single tile in the whole room was left empty. It served as a powerful sign ...
  3. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 31

    It was the first week of May. The sun shone brightly in a deep blue sky, and white clouds whizzed by as strong winds blew them eastward. Flowers were everywhere, and many trees were in bloom. It was rather cool from the wind, but the sun was strong enough to warm Marie as she sat feet-up on a bench outside the main entrance of the music school.
    It was a Saturday, and Marie was enjoying the lovely weather. It was something that she seemed to ignore for the most part in all the stress of the ...
  4. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 30

    It took several days for all the details to be figured out at the university. Police Investigators spent three whole days interviewing witnesses of the entire night, trying to piece together what really happened. There were security cameras in the hallway just outside the orchestra rehearsal room, but none inside, so all that was determined was that only three people entered that room, and only one, Tanya, came out. But who murdered who was quite a mystery from the evidence: Tanya's stilettos had ...
  5. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 29, Part II

    There was clapping coming from the overhead speakers, signalling her turn. Tanya stepped out of the bathroom and made her way back to the concert hall. She felt sick to the bone, and tears continued to come to her eyes but she wiped them carefully away.
    Tanya arrived backstage, and saw the orchestra director and other managers standing around. It was dark, and she was hopeful that they wouldn't see her sick complexion.
    "Tanya! You look wonderful, where is Ernest?" the director ...