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  1. Picture this...

    by , Oct-16-2012 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    To provide a break between the two sets of Debussy Preludes for Piano, I thought I would dig into some of the French posts I have written elsewhere, and muse a bit about Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.

    The story behind the work is well known – Piictures is a tribute by Mussorgsky to his late friend Viktor Hartmann, and is a suite of short pastiches that represent some of Hartmann’s artwork, assorted with “glue-like” promenades that depict Mussorgsky walking through an exhibition

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  2. My Stories: Feedback please

    by , Oct-12-2012 at 23:54
    Hey all, I just want to say thanks to those who have been reading the short stories on my blog. I would like to get some feedback from people. Were they enjoyable/interesting/thoughtful? Original? Currently I'm too busy to write more, and busyness sucks away my inspiration anyway. In many ways, this is just my hobby, and I don't really mean to publish them besides as free posts here, that is, unless I'm well supported. But generally I write to relax, dream, and feel inspired by music again. Maybe ...

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  3. Once Upon the Internet – Sergey Schepkin Plays Debussy

    by , Oct-09-2012 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    This month, we will have two Once Upon the Internet posts, covering the two books of preludes for piano by Claude Debussy.

    The works

    Claude Debussy's Préludes are divided into two separate livres (or books) of twelve preludes each. Unlike previous collections of preludes, such as those of J.S. Bach and Chopin, Debussy's do not follow a strict pattern of key signatures.

    Each book was written in a matter of months, at an unusually ...

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  4. Theatre of the Mind

    by , Oct-02-2012 at 10:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    The music selections I chose to explore today are, in a sense, speculative works – that is to say, works written (one could think) in anticipation of a stage work. All of the pieces I chose are intended either to depict stage music, or suggest stage music, whilst not necessarily designed to accompany any specific stage work – other, maybe, than the type of stage performance, be it a theatrical play, a ballet or an opera.

    Let’s start with the ...

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  5. Touch: Chapter 18 (i.e. epilogue)

    by , Sep-28-2012 at 03:40
    6 months passed.

    It was a chill winter's night in December. Some dry snow was on the ground, being swept around by the swirling breezes coming through the streets. But inside the City Concert Hall, it was warm and lively. A huge crowd had formed in its lobby which spilled out into the street, waiting to be seated for the Premiere of Andrei Gavrilov's Symphony No. 2, the "Regeneration" Symphony.

    Andrei and Nadia were up on the top level in ...