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  1. Finding a Voice

    by , Jun-28-2012 at 19:26
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    Well, as everybody reading this probably realizes, Talk Classical is primarily a place where people can come and talk about classical music with other people.

    But, every once in a while I have to just pause and consider the peculiar world of online forums. (Or is that online fora?)

    Currently, TC is the only online site to which I contribute my much appreciated and long-awaited comments . But, there ...
  2. La Chronique du disque (June 2012)

    by , Jun-26-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    The rules will be kept simple: here’s what I found, here’s where I found it, here’s a couple of sentences about it and (possibly) some opinions.

    Not unlike Olympic Figure Skating, I will provide two sets of marks (letters A to D) on sound quality (SQ) and on overall impression (OI). These grades are entirely subjective, but here are some guidelines:

    • About “sound quality”: my point of reference is my iPod (160 GB iPod Classic) with standard

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    Classical Music , Recorded Music
  3. "Great Moments" in Music - A Design for Evaluating?

    by , Jun-23-2012 at 21:58
    Many, many years ago I had only one personal friend who shared my passion for classical music. He told me that a music teacher he had once told him that there were only 12 "Great Moments" in music. Six of them were by Bach and the other six were by Brahms.

    This was very easy for me to disagree with, even though as a Brahms-fanatic, I was secretly pleased. But, I always used to wonder - "What six moments in Brahms' music did he have in mind?" My friend told ...
  4. Women in Classical Music - Wilma Cozart Fine 1927-2009

    by , Jun-21-2012 at 17:07
    This morning I was reading an article in STEREOPHILE about Mercury Living Presence recordings that detailed the work of the Fines - Robert & Wilma. It's always exciting to come across references to people and their achievements of which I had been previously in the dark. The article impelled me to look up more information on the Fines, and particularly on Wilma, whose story is remarkable.

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    The bare outline of it is that after graduating ...
  5. The Year Goes Into Decline - Hooray!

    by , Jun-21-2012 at 16:27
    Yesterday was the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, so as of today, the days begin to get shorter. As a confirmed hater of hot weather, this marks the first hopeful roadsign of the year for me.

    Yes, the hottest weather of all is no doubt still ahead of us, and I won't really breathe easier till we reach late September. But, unless the Earth's orbit begins to spiral inward toward the Sun, the process of cooling off is more or less inevitable. So, there is hope!