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  1. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 23

    One day in early March, Tanya went to look for Alex in the music building, and sure enough he was practicing. She knocked on his door.

    "Tanya! How are you, what's up?" he opened the door, still holding his bow in his hand.

    "Hey, Alex!" Tanya said brightly, her white teeth glistening. "I just wanted to find you and make a proposition to you, a request, if you will."


    "Yes! In late April I ...

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  2. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 22

    Things were uneventful for Marie the following weeks, but it wasn't wanted. She felt stagnant, like nothing was developing. Day in and day out, she worked, but she rarely met anyone. Tanya was so swamped with work that they rarely met after Marie's birthday, and so was everyone else. Alex and Ernest were neither to be seen, except at Lab Orchestra. Also, there were fewer large concerts this semester than the ones before.

    At night was the only time that Marie could practice, besides ...
  3. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 21, Part II

    Tanya could barely focus during the concert. The music was interesting, but she couldn't take seeing Ernest and this other lady sitting about seven rows in front of her. She was dying to know who she was. Was she a girlfriend? Even though she had told Marie what she honestly believed, she still wasn't sure, and it was driving her crazy.

    What hopes were there for her?

    Tanya couldn't even understand her own emotions. Sadness and anger struggled within her until she had ...
  4. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 21, Part I

    As for Marie, Tanya's words spoke something that cut her deep. As soon as Tanya left her, she went back to her own office, contemplating her words.

    "I'm so foolish! How could I give up so quickly? I'm so weak-willed! ... I ought to get to know both of them better... that's what comes next now..."

    Marie couldn't help admitting to herself that both of them were equally handsome, and also gentlemen for the most part. But there was a purity about Alex that she ...

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  5. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 20

    Tanya had begun her research on her thesis now, studying the life and choral works of the 19th and 20th century Russian composers. She read biographies, musicological books and scores, trying to delve into the heart of the style. Tanya began to train in Russian diction, and learning basic speech. She knew this was important for herself, and also for her singers that were going to sing the Arensky Vocal Quartets. And finally, Tanya got her hands on Marcus' composition. It was one of the most beautiful ...