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  1. The Summer of the Sonata - Part Six

    by , Aug-14-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    Summer of the Sonata
    “The Summer of the Sonata” Community Project
    ISGM Music Library

    For our last sonata recital from the Gardner museum, I thought it would be a nice change to not feature a single artist, but rather offer a few sonatas from different composers and instrument combinbations from the Gardner's excellent music library.

    Charles Ives' "Concord" Sonata ...
  2. Touch: Chapter 3

    by , Aug-09-2012 at 17:13
    Nadia got to work on training herself as much theory and aural skills as she could. She bought a self-teaching book on ear training, and began the exercises. However, not having a piano to base her pitches was a real difficulty, almost to the point she began wandering around the city to find a piano shop, or tavern. Pianos were certainly available, but she was not allowed to play them, especially if people were around.

    "Well, may I come early in the morning to play?" she ...
  3. Touch: Chapter 2

    by , Aug-08-2012 at 18:38
    On Saturday morning, Nadia put on her most formal dress, and having practiced a little solfege went out to find a carriage who could find the address she was looking for.

    It was not at all where she expected. The carriage came to a stunning semi-mansion apartment in one of the richest areas of the city. Getting out, she approached the large door apprehensively, and knocked.

    A tall, elderly servant came to the door, and bid her come in. It was the same one who was on the ...

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  4. The Summer of the Sonata - Part Five

    by , Aug-07-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    Summer of the Sonata
    “The Summer of the Sonata” Community Project
    Artist's Website

    We have three more installments to our summer series on sonatas in August - this week's and next's are from the Gardner museum in Boston, and our last will be a Once Upon the Internet, featuring another complete album from the days of the original MP3.COM.

    This week, we return to piano sonatas, and our performer is Finnsih pianist Paavali Jumppanen, often featured ...
  5. Touch: Chapter 1

    by , Aug-07-2012 at 00:56
    Nadia's life was quite simple. She got up in the morning and walked to her work, which was to be a secretary. Her work started from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and then she would walk home. She would make her own dinner alone in her home (she lived in a small apartment), as well as other chores such as cleaning. Then her nights would be free to do whatever she wanted, which included reading, sewing, or, her favorite, going to concerts with some saved up money. It was a comfortable, simple ...