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  1. Symphonies in Three Movements

    by , Jun-19-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    After the numbers 2, 4 and 9, a post about the number 3 – as in the number of movements in our featured symphonies.

    Symphonies traditionally follow a 4-movement pattern: sonata (variations of the ABA form) – slow dance ...

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  2. Number Nine

    by , Jun-12-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    In our June look at “music by the numbers”, time to look at number “9”.

    In past blogs, I have discussed some famous nines already: Bruckner’s and Beethoven’s Ninth symphonies come immediately to mind. In today’s playlist, I bring up another pair of favourite ninth symphonies: Dvořák‘s and Mahler’s ...

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  3. Once Upon the Internet - Schubert for two pianists, four hands

    by , Jun-05-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    The (classical) music legacy of MP3.COM, co-founded in November 1997 by Michael Robertson and Greg Flores is a historically significant URL for indie artists, who in the site's heyday provided most of its content. From its beginning to when Vivendi took over and eventually evicted the indies, it was a once ever mecca for unsigned bands and solo acts. Now ...

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  4. One year already!

    by , May-31-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    No, this isn’t Tuesday.

    But again, this isn’t a “regular” Tuesday Blog post.

    This is a bit of a peronal milestone of sorts, as I consider my post entitled How do you get your music these days? as the “first ever” instalment of my Tuesday Blog – and I have been publishing a continuous stirng of weekly blogs here on TalkClassical ever since. Our post from this past Tuesday is recorded as my 69th post, but my official count is more 64, and that includes my twelve days ...
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  5. La chronique du disque (May 2012)

    by , May-29-2012 at 09:00 (Pierre's Tuesday Blog)
    En français

    The rules will be kept simple: here’s what I found, here’s where I found it, here’s a couple of sentences about it and (possibly) some opinions.

    Not unlike Olympic Figure Skating, I will provide two sets of marks (letters A to D) on sound quality (SQ) and on overall impression (OI). These grades are entirely subjective, but here are some guidelines:

    • About “sound quality”: my point of reference is my iPod (160 GB iPod Classic) with standard

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