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  1. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 11, Part II

    Tanya was excited for the evening, in a new way she hadn't been before. Marcus wasn't going to be there, but she didn't mind. All she cared about was Ernest being there. But when she came onto stage and saw Ernest talking with Marie, her heart cringed.

    "What's he doing? Talking to her? He's wasting his time," she thought to herself irritatedly. "He can't possibly make her like him... or could he?" a horrid thought came in her mind, which she wiped away immediately. ...
  2. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 11, Part I

    Marie was responsible for giving out free tickets to people who came early enough to the box office. Already the Monday morning of the week of three different concerts, the symphony was sold out, before Alex got there. He had forgotten to get a comp ticket the week before, no doubt too busy, but Marie knew he would come again. At least, she hoped so.

    It was Wednesday morning when Alex finally did come, wearing all-black, probably for some performance. He looked very distressed. ...
  3. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 10

    It was Tuesday night. Tanya left her apartment to go to this so called Lab Orchestra session. She was in excellent spirits.

    Although she had felt rough the last few weeks, she got her confidence back. Most of all, she and Marcus felt reconciled, and so she gained more focus than before.

    Tonight, she would conduct the 1st and 2nd movements of Schubert's Symphony No. 5, a piece she learned to truly love. Two other grad choral conducting students were there, and the usual ...
  4. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 9

    Time went by slowly for Marie. Faces came and went from the box office, but no one she recognized, as before. Day after day, she started taking up the shifts in the morning, when most people come. Although she generally did not enjoy it, she had a new motivation to do it, even an excuse to do it.

    She was waiting for someone.

    At every lunch break, she tried to sit outside in the courtyard, at least when it wasn't raining. She may seem to distract herself with reading ...
  5. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 8

    Tanya and Marie met up that Friday night for dinner. It was a favorite little diner in the college city area, common among the young people. They found a nice little corner in the room where they talked about their week.

    "Ugh! It was a horrid week!" Tanya first began complaining. "I have two papers due next week, both of them over 15 pages, and all I spent my time doing this week was research! Too much research for these papers, it's not fair."

    "What ...