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  1. Gumdrops for 2014

    It’s customary this time of year for me to provide a “bonus” version of my Chronique du Disque, where I review some acquisitions that failed to make it in one of my monthly instalments. When I do so, I usually don’t provide a “grade” – though, for the suggestions I retained, I would give them high marks for overall impression and good to very good marks for sound quality.

    Karajan ...
  2. Franz Liszt on MP3.COM

    Once Upon the Internet aligns well with my month-long podcast arc “Homage to Hungary”, with a sampling of piano music from one of Hungary’s most notable musicians of the 19th Century, Franz Liszt.

    Liszt is born into a musical family; his father Adam Liszt had ties with the musical entourage of Nikolaus II Esterházy. As a teenager, he played cello in the House ...
  3. The Aeolian String Quartet Plays Haydn (Part 2)

    Vinyl’s Revenge returns for the second of a two-part series on the String Quartets of Joseph Haydn - last month's considered his six quartets of the opus 20.

    Composed in 1790, the string quartets of Opus 64 constitute a second set of six quartets for violinist Johann Tost (the first set of six are the opp. 54 and 55), who had led the second violins of Haydn's orchestra at Esterháza from 1783 until his departure for Paris in 1788. In Paris Tost sold some of Haydn’s compositions, ...
  4. Beethoven: Classicism, Romanticism, Etc.

    Beethoven: Classicism, Romanticism, Etc.

    I have seen multiple threads on subjects related to this, two of them very recent. This is just a few more of my thoughts on the matter.

    There intermediary stage between Classicism and Romanticism is often-discussed (but also often ill-defined). Is the question even of great importance? Well, maybe it isn’t, but it certainly has been the subject of much debate and discussion from academics, composers, and laymen alike. From Berlioz ...

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  5. Child's Play

    Christmas time is upon us and I thought I would use this visit in the Podcast Vault to not only get us in the spirit of the Season, but also to propose some music that is appropriate for young (and young at heart) music lovers.

    There are three main ideas that intermingle in this montage: children, children’s tales and (of course) toys. Let’s discuss these themes and my selections in no particular ...

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