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  1. Glazunov 150th Birthday Celebrations: Part Two

    Hello again! Getting pumped yet?? I know I am!! August 10, mark the date!! But honestly, the whole month of August is a celebration, and now too.

    This year I graduated from my university, and had to do a Senior Recital as one of my last undergraduate requirements. I performed a tribute to Sibelius, Nielsen and Glazunov on my program, made up of transcriptions, arrangements, etc. I recommend hearing all of them, but to hear only the Glazunov piece, skip to 8:10 ... see what I did there? ...
  2. Glazunov 150th Birthday Celebrations: Part One

    Hello TalkClassical!

    Every year, I've tried to do something special for Glazunov for his birthday August 10. One year it was a long set of blogs, another year just a bunch of videos I compiled, or going about posting his music for heck's sake. One year I listened to like 4 hours of his music in one day. I mean, just a tad more than the usual day.

    But now is the 150th! What can I do that would be especially commemorative??

    Well, I've been ...
  3. RR: 62. Debussy: Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, L 86

    1. Haitink (cond.), Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (1976)

    2. Stokowski (cond.), NBC Symphony Orchestra (1943)

    3. Boulez (cond.), Cleveland Orchestra (1991)

    4. Dutoit (cond.),
  4. RR: 61. Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, op. 35

    1. Reiner (cond.), Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1960)

    2. Beecham (cond.), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1957)

    3. Kondrashin (cond.), Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (1979)

    4. Mackerras

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  5. RR: 60. Haydn: String Quartets, op. 76 "Erdödy"

    1. Tátrai Quartet (1964)

    2. Quatuor Mosaïques (2000)

    3. Carmina Quartet (1993)

    Nos. 4-6

    4. Tokyo String Quartet (1979)


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