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  1. The Way of the Cross

    As our Holy Week installment of the Tuesday Blog, I chose to program a "bonus" selection from the Podcast Vault which will be posted on our Podcast channel exceprionally for one week only.

    This particularpodcast presents two works that pertain to the Biblical events surrounding the Crucifixion. The works span nearly 150 years, from the latter part of the 19th century to the 1930’s. ...

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    Classical Music , Recorded Music
  2. #23 - Karajan conducting BPO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 3

    I will admit to not liking Bruckner's Third Symphony nearly as much his First or Second. I have heard this work nearly or close to 8 times now. I don't expect myself to fall head-over-heels in love with the work suddenly.

    The opening is explosive. And I mean it. Close to exploding instruments anyway. Karajan really had perfect skill for maximum power and at the same time that emotional intensity. A ...
  3. La Chronique du Disque (March 2015)

    For those unfamiliar with our monthly recordings review - If Sound Quality (SQ) and Overall Impression (OI) grades need further context, feel free to visit earlier posts in this series.

    Programming Note - In order to program an additional selection from the Podcast Vault for Holy Week next week, I am holding my monthly Chronique du Disque a week early.

    My Suggestions for March

  4. #22 - Wand conducts DSO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 8

    1. The tempi are very expansive.... slower but that helps out in bringing better clarity.

    2. Not very familiar with the work. Scarcely.

    3. The finale is as orgasmic or satisfying as Karajan's final Bruckner 8 on DG was. {RECOMMENDED WITH HONORS}

    4. The sound is astoushingly good. Might be my standards because of mono and electrical records but the sound is superb ...
  5. Turning my Back on the Piano...

    I am going to give up on the piano - maybe to take it up again, as some suggest, in a few years if my circumstances change. At present, with John's illnesses and my mother's dementia, I feel as if I need more 'empty time' for me, as well as more time to keep the house & garden in order.

    The ...

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