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  1. Historically Informed Summer School

    I have just come back from the Historically Informed Summer School at Scarborough, which explores the interface between early/ baroque and folk music. I had signed up thinking that the course would improve my folk technique & that I’d find out something intriguing about folk tunes that had made it into the art music repertoire and vice versa.

    However, the introductory meetings left me feeling confused and lost.

    Moreover, I decided early on that I didn’t have full ...

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  2. RR: 142. Elgar: Enigma Variations, op. 36

    1. Boult (cond.), London Symphony Orchestra (1970)

    2. Monteux (cond.), London Symphony Orchestra (1958)

    3. Barbirolli (cond.), Hallé Orchestra (1956)

  3. RR: 141. Schubert: Wanderer Fantasy in C, D. 760

    1. Richter (1963)

    2. Pollini (1973)

    3. Perahia (1986)

    4. Rubinstein (1965)

  4. RR: 140. Beethoven: Symphony #7 in A, op. 92

    1. C. Kleiber (cond.), Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (1976)

    2. Toscanini (cond.), New York Philharmonic Orchestra (1936)

    3. Furtwängler (cond.), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (1943)

  5. Birthday Tribute: 1906 Poem for Glazunov in honor of his 25th anniversary as composer

    It rhymes in Russian which is the funny part. He must have been very amused to read it... especially the allusions to tasty stuff...

    Многоуважаемый А.К. Глазунов
    Вы который, Вы, который
    Нам Бетховена милей,
    Самый ранний, самый скорый
    Заслужили юбилей.
    Вы, которому хваленья
    Сыплет мир со всех сторон,
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