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  1. #13 - Karajan conducting BPO - Beethoven - Symphony No. 3

    Ah, the fantastic cycle of Beethoven's Nine Symphonies as recorded by Karajan and his Berliner Philharmoniker back in the 1980s for his digital legacy. This is his Fifth cycle of Beethoven's Nine Symphonies:

    1. Philharmonia Orchestra/EMI [1950s]
    2. Berliner Philharmoniker/DG [1960s - the revered above all; the hallowed]
    3. Berliner Philharmoniker/DG/Video [Late 1960s-Early 1970s - One of the many DVD cycles in a field with contenders like [5], Abbado, Jansons, etc.
  2. #12 - Horenstein conducting VSO - Dvorak - Symphony No. 9

    Because the last two records pampered me with their modern, crystal clear sound, I decided to ground myself with a mono recording from the great Jascha Horenstein conducting Dvorak's Ninth Symphony - a populist work, but a good one at that.

    The decision was partially prompted by this very rare recording being uploaded by one of his fervent fans.

    Horenstein was a master ...

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  3. #11 - Barenboim conducting BPO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 9

    I've been a fan of Barenboim for a long time. His Beethoven cycle with Staatskappele Dresden ranks alongside with Abbado's live Berliner Philharmoniker cycle as my favorite 21st Century Beethoven symphonies' cycles.

    He has done a wonderous job with Mozart and Beethoven's piano sonatas and cocnertos. Of all the interpretation of Beethoven's Five Piano Concertos I've heard [and it ain't a small figure. Twelve? And couple of individual performances. Is that small? Gosh, shouldn't it be?], ...

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  4. Bach Violin Concertos

    This month’s selection from the Podcast Vault is the first of three posts n the Tuesday Blog dedicated to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It also serves to conclude our previous month’s “Double, Double” series, with a pair of double concertos by the Cantor, and feeds another ongoing arc on concertos of all sorts.

    Bach, like many of his Baroque contemporaries, was instrumental in creating ...

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  5. #10 - Solti conducting CSO - Bruckner - Symphony No. 4

    I am going through that phase of my life - obsessive composer listening. This time it is Bruckner [It was Beethoven's symphonies at one time and I know how many cycles I listened to...!]

    Solti is revered by his fans. A cult status like Karajan. I don't believe in this conductor/performer worship [I do maintain however that Karajan>Rest of the world].
    His discography is vast. Vast. Renowned opera conductor with a commercially successful and [for some] a decent Ring cycle. [A ...

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