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  1. Faces: Chapter 7

    by , Jan-14-2014 at 19:20
    It was November. Vasily was walking to his next rehearsal with the Moscow Italian Theater. His lungs had felt very weak that day, like he couldn't get enough air. He felt a little dizzy, but he went ahead with the rehearsal. Conducting one segment, he was looking at the score, when suddenly he was seeing spots in his vision.
    "This hasn't happened before," suddenly flashed in his mind. "Do I stop them?" He decided to keep going, trying to suppress the feeling. All of a ...
  2. Faces: Chapter 6

    by , Jan-14-2014 at 19:18
    Vasily was 26 when he met Piotr Ilyich. Two weeks after, Vasily conducted a choral concert with his Choir, and the program included some of his own compositions. Piotr Ilyich was so impressed that immediately that night he vowed to get him a conducting position in the best Theatres of Moscow.
    He got a letter from Piotr Ilyich:

    Dear Vasily Sergeyevich,
    I am overjoyed to inform you that I have recommended you to the officials of the Maly Theatre Orchestra, who have been ...
  3. Faces: Chapter 5

    by , Jan-14-2014 at 19:15
    Vasily was at an orchestral concert when he came across the famed man.
    "Greetings, sir!" Vasily hailed him in the lobby of the concert hall they were in. Piotr Ilyich and his colleagues were together in a group, chatting about how everything fared. When Vasily stepped up, everyone became hushed, and watched him carefully.
    "Hello, young man! Did you like the concert?" Piotr Ilyich spoke up with a smile. He was a handsome middle aged man with a graying beard.
  4. Faces: Chapter 4

    by , Jan-14-2014 at 19:14
    Irina didn't say anything for a long time.
    Vasily looked away, out the window next to them. He no idea what time it was. No one was on the streets, and there were only a handful of other people in the cafe, few enough that the conversation felt uncomfortable.
    Irina had been staring at him in awe for some time, but began staring at the table, lost in thought.
    "How much longer do you... have?" she was barely audible.
    Vasily put his elbows on the table, and started ...
  5. Faces: Chapter 3

    by , Jan-14-2014 at 19:12
    The next night, which was a Saturday, Vasily shrank into his chair as the orchestra began to tune. The theatre had darkened, and all was ready for the play to go on. At least in the dark Vasily couldn't see his guests, but he knew they were there. The orchestra was to play incidental music to an Italian melodrama translated into Russian for the audience. The story itself was of little merit, with a lot of yelling and crying and such, but the music was pretty substantial. Vasily personally liked ...
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