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  1. Late Learner

    by , Oct-30-2014 at 13:57 (Never Too Old To Fiddle - A Late-Learner's Journal...)
    Thursday, 30th October 2014:

    (See also my thread on Teaching Styles -

    Today I had my first piano lesson. I am sixty-three years old. I learned the violin when I was ...

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  2. La Chronique du Disque (October 2014)

    En français

    For those unfamiliar with our monthly recordings review - If Sound Quality (SQ) and Overall Impression (OI) grades need further context, feel free to visit earlier posts in this series.

    My Suggestions for October

    Handel: Streams of pleasure

    George Frideric Handel composed both oratorios and early operas seria, some ...
  3. "Win an argument, lose a sale."

    By "Applesauce":

    When I was younger I worked in retail sales.

    I remember one of the training sessions I attended.

    One instructor asked us what is the first rules of sales.

    Of course one member of the class responded, "The customer is always right."

    It ended up being a trick question because the instructed said, "Incorrect. Most of the time the customer is wrong. A more accurate description of the

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  4. Wagner overtures: Tannhäuser, Der Fliegende Holländer, Die Feen

    Vinyl's Revenge returns this month with a nearly 35 year old release by the Philips label, which will act as a segue to this week's Friday Blog and Podcast featuring Richard Wagner operatic selections (read our below "teaser" for links).

    My vinyl collection has three Wagner LPs, all of "orchestral favourites": the unavoidable "Highlights from the Ring" (George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra, CBS "Great Performances" re-issue), an analogue disc ...
  5. ROSSINI: Six Sonatas for Quartet

    At first glance, there seems to be two groups of opera composers: those that dabbled mainly in concert music and those that dabbled mainly in opera. We can clearly say Gioachino Rossini falls in the latter category – but it’s not to say that he composed exclusively for opera.

    Indeed, Rossini “retired” from opera composing in 1855 when he and his new bride settled in Passy, a suburb of Paris. He spent the remaining years of his life writing sacred music as well as delectable miniatures ...
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