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  1. The new no purchasing project: NNPP

    by , Jan-25-2012 at 06:08
    The original "No Purchasing Project" was mostly a success. I didn't buy nearly as much stuff for awhile, and I listened to loads of stuff that I'd bought but not listened to yet.

    So, I'm starting again, a new NPP, the NNPP. The terms are: I will reward myself with $1k of purchases if I:

    - manage not to make any purchases for the next 2 months (until March 24th);
    - and then make only minimal purchases until I've:
    - finished listening to my ...

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  2. progress on the NPP

    by , Nov-11-2011 at 04:08
    I've been making it.

    First, I got Franck's Beatittudes done.

    Picked that up in a bargain box on a whim; it's a lot more exciting than I imagined the Beatitudes being. I suppose in a moral sense they were a great conquest or something, so they might have deserved such operatic treatment.

    Next, I got another Romantic Piano Concerto disk done, this one being ...
  3. the no purchasing project

    by , Nov-09-2011 at 17:26
    Months ago I realized how much music I own but have not listened to, and vowed not to purchase more music until I'd listened to it all. Then I beat up my computer and canceled the project while I uploaded all my existing music onto my new computer.

    Despite canceling the project, my rate of purchasing does seem to have slowed, or my rate of listening to music I'd never heard before accelerated, and I believe I'm within 48 listening hours of completing the project!

    The ...
  4. notes on my recordings of Shostakovich's 1st violin concerto

    by , Nov-04-2011 at 05:57
    If you are only going to have one Shostakovich violin concerto #1, get the one by Oistrakh that is paired with Rostropovich playing the cello concerto.

    #1 choice for historical reasons. Excellent performances, I think everyone agrees, but not modern sound.

    If you are going to have two, then your other one should probably be in the best modern sound, and there are many options ...

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  5. keeping up with the Jones's

    by , Aug-31-2011 at 17:01
    Let's see here. Been awhile.

    Perhaps the single greatest highlight of the past few days' listening for me was Chausson's Concert in D for piano, violin, and string quartet. Loved its range of tone and emotion. Romantic to the core. I cannot imagine why this isn't more popular.

    "From ...
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