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  1. Piece for piano in progress...
  2. Baroque Concerto in C minor in style of Vivaldi :)
  3. A new piece for harpsichord
  4. If you have a few minutes...
  5. Concerto Grosso
  6. Piano Trio in E Minor
  7. Tune for woodwind quintet
  8. Composition For String Orchestra(Or String Sextet)
  9. Top MM Composition Programs
  10. Melody dilemma ! Did you heard this before ?
  11. New Piano Solo
  12. Your own musical growth
  13. Arch Form HELP!
  14. Music For Strings, Etc.
  15. How I approach my own personal theory and style
  16. My first contribution: Composition for Chamber Orchestra
  17. Some compositions - Critics please
  18. How do you create a sense of unification to a multiple movement piece?
  19. Piano Piece - honest criticism?
  20. Piano Concerto.
  21. Cubase VS. Protools
  22. Your Compositions for 2012
  23. Fun Contest: Write The Cheesiest Melody You Can!
  24. Easy Pieces for the Fumbling Novice at the Piano
  25. TC Christmas Pieces
  26. Do I Have Any Potential As A Composer?
  27. Jesus Christ moved to the North Pole and aged into Santa Claus: Music
  28. I am reasonably proficient at Cello
  29. Hello
  30. Problems for Piano
  31. Keeping up
  32. Galata Vals (Ottomon Piano Teacher Emin Bey, 100 year old composition)
  33. 12/14/2012, Newton, Connecticut. In Memory.
  34. New soundtrack composition
  35. Which of your own pieces do you enjoy listening?.
  36. I am developing a more tonal style and I am not sure if this is good or bad!
  37. Role Reversal for Percussion Ensemble
  38. A little sonatin for harpsichord
  39. A second try at writing a string quartet
  40. My Arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  41. Modulation?
  42. Prelude No.2
  43. My 2nd real composition!
  44. Municipal Happiness - Realisation
  45. Mi against Fa
  46. My first orchestral TV score. Seeking feedback.
  47. Etude Series of Compositions et Compositional Tips
  48. Waltz in E-Major (My own composition)
  49. My Composition: Ju-Ran
  50. What is the point of Movements
  51. Opening theme of my waltz.
  52. My latest piano works (my 'arpeggio' phase in full force)
  53. My short piano composal
  54. Some pieces I wrote/ am writing
  55. Dissonances in tonal music
  56. New Music for Unaccompanied Flute
  57. Redid My Arrangement of Greensleeves for String Quartet--Opinions?
  58. New piece for Woodwind Trio
  59. Stuck on a composition
  60. Composing a String Quartet
  61. Piece for Percussion ensemble.
  62. Anyone ever analyze Bartok's stranger works?
  63. Second Species of Counterpoint
  64. Questions about Fux's 4th species of counterpoint
  65. Which style do you normally compose in?
  66. An essay about contrast in music
  67. A String Quartet
  68. A short piano piece
  69. Composing Post-Tonal music away from the instrument and computer? Any tips?
  70. Tips how to figure out the key of the piece?
  71. 'The Homecoming'
  72. A thank you to the forum
  73. "Wake up!", for two electric guitars and electric bass.
  74. What are the more interesting pieces to analyse as a composer ?
  75. a little prelude