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  1. Crazy Piano Étude
  2. Careless whisper Symphony
  3. La Follia Orchestration
  4. И =
  5. Checking Counterpoint Exercise
  6. Fantasia For Orchestra
  7. Sketches for a String Quartet
  8. Frozen Bob's Estranged Wife
  9. Who is the most productive member?
  10. Baroque Piece
  11. My compositions
  12. For Wind Ensemble
  13. Great Composition Sit
  14. Some counterpoint exercises that I've finished. Need some feed back
  15. Amateur Composition
  16. Sequentia Offertorium
  17. Counterpoint Critique
  18. String Quartet
  19. My first piano piece
  20. Landscape (Single)
  21. My crazy orchestration
  22. spare music....
  23. the title and composer name of this symphony pleeease
  24. 4th Species Counterpoint Dorian Mode Resolution
  25. My Symphony No. 50
  26. A composition of mine. What do you think?
  27. Back again! Here is the 1st part of my 2nd symphony: Allegro con Brio
  28. What do you think of this?
  29. Can this be considered fugue, or at least counterpoint?
  30. Piece for Clarinet and Piano
  31. A baroque composition Amin/Dmin
  32. New Music
  33. Two of my Compositions
  34. Can't find books of the correct level
  35. 2 videos of my own compositions set to fine art photography and paintings
  36. How thoroughly should I learn counterpoint
  37. Night Music
  38. Guitar and string trio composition
  39. Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano 3rd movement
  40. Piano composition by hannah martin. Feedback please?
  41. Another composition for guitar
  42. My first pieces for Jazz Band.
  43. String Quartet 2nd Movement and 3rd Movement
  44. Composer pianist tradition
  45. 2nd movement for Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano
  46. The obsessive compulsive composers, and my composing identity, and help?
  47. I Want to Take My Compositions to A Higher Level.
  48. Instrumentalist round-up to help out composers?
  49. "Introduction and Waltz" for Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Viola--thoughts?
  50. Compositions for other instruments
  51. Two Compositions
  52. 1st Movement of Trio for Horn, Cello and Piano
  53. Am I Too "Unqualified" to Submit My Stuff To A Composition Competition?
  54. Would You Consider ii7-I To Be a Cadence?
  55. Presale/kickstarter for new CD of piano music including 2 TC composers
  56. Composing for guitar. I need help and tips please
  57. Haven't Been able to write anything for half a year now!
  58. Collaboration?
  59. A piece I did
  60. What is unethical as a composer and aspiring composer?
  61. ContrapunKt Competition
  62. a few pieces
  63. 2nd piece I did, all criticisms, comments, opinions very much needed.
  64. Would be so greatly appreciative of some feedback/criticism of my new sonata...
  65. Composition Help? (Sibelius)
  66. Wrote an opera, little/no experience, now what?
  67. Suite for Piano
  68. Piano Trio
  69. Dramatic piano theme for movie
  70. Salami XIII
  71. music for bass clarinet and synthesizers (believe it or not)
  72. Piano Sonata: 1st Movement
  73. How to tell if what you're writing is any good?
  74. I-transport
  75. Small Improvisation in Bb Minor - Waltz