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  1. Favorite Musical??
  2. The Hobbit soundtrack - Misty Mountains Cold
  3. For the serious film lover
  4. Trying to id this movie with Madame Butterfly soundtrack?
  5. Favorite contemporary film composer
  6. James Horner
  7. Debussy's 'Masques'
  8. "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack - "May it Be"
  9. 2013 Oscar for Best Score
  10. Great music scenes in movies
  11. new music for films
  12. King Kong Lives
  13. Favorite Hollywood Golden Age soundtrack
  14. Favorite Golden Age soundtrack
  15. Help IDing classical piece in Roxanne (1987)
  16. Opinions of 'Le Roi Danse', film about Lully & Louis XIV?
  17. Name of the piece in this commercial?
  18. The title of this choral track is...?
  19. Excellent Forum for film-music lovers
  20. The Sound of Music soundtrack anyone?
  21. Jesper Kyd
  22. Hans Zimmer scoring Inception
  23. David Julyan
  24. Miklos Rozsa
  25. Ivan The Terrible - Prokofiev
  26. Good movies set in renaissance England?
  27. Lincoln Music
  28. Unknown strings piece in Wong Kar Wai Interview
  29. A Baritone Singing Bring Him Home from Les Miserable
  30. Hammer Films and their contemporary composers
  31. Organ music Coming to America
  32. This Is Why John Williams Is Great
  33. Anna Karenina Soundtrack
  34. Chopin in Shroud for a Nightingale
  35. 2013 Golden Globe Awards
  36. Video Game music Vs. Film music?
  37. arguably the most important film in the last million years
  38. Hauschka . . . I'm just saying
  39. Classical piece used in this Youtube movie trailer?
  40. Who has watched Firefly?
  41. The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold - Elena House
  42. Film music being offshored?
  43. Richard Robbins has passed away
  44. Please help me identify this piece of music
  45. Fav 'classic' cartoon themes. . .
  46. Select your favorite vintage films directed by John Frankenheimer
  47. two short film shoted in one day in paris/france
  48. Importing Movies from the U.S.A to Europe?
  49. Cinema Creative Commons
  50. Horror Music
  51. Franz Waxman, Bride of Frankenstein
  52. A single man..
  53. Need Help Identifying Music from Rachmaninov Documentary
  54. "Lord of the Rings" - "May It Be" - Enya - Cover by "Elf Warrior" Elena House
  55. Itzhak Perlman on Colbert Report Sept 19
  56. Did you see the doco: The Art of Chopin?
  57. Doctor Who
  58. Help finding orchestral piece
  59. The Piano Film Music
  60. Great TV
  61. Soundtracks by Andre Previn
  62. Favorite movie titles
  63. Do you have any favourite British film composers?
  64. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Music
  65. Complete Camp Classics!!
  66. Prokofiev's 'The Land Before Time'
  67. Listen to soundtracks and scores
  68. Full version of Gotham's reckoning , by Hans Zimmer ( Dark knight rises soundtrack)
  69. someone to watch over me
  70. Please help me find the name of this song
  71. What is this soundtrack-sounding song called?
  72. your favorite horror/thriller/gothic movies?
  73. Classical Music & Video Games
  74. Your recent soundtrack listenings?
  75. Samsara (new film similar to Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka)