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Thread: About my removed post (caricatures)

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    Default About my removed post (caricatures)

    To administrators and moderators,

    It hurts me to see that all the effort I put in my drawings is seen just like "self-promotion" when I try to show them.
    I cannot accept to be treated as a common thief when I post my presentation here, a place with a context that my work is related to. I'm here with my name and my face. I´m not just some delinquent.

    Like Galileo (observin the distance, of course) I was surprised to see that at least my effort could be respected, and not condemned.

    I obviously accept the rules. I just don't agree they are blindly applied.
    I'm sorry to post here, but I couldn't write you any other way. And also I'm not interested anymore.

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    Guidelines for the »Classifieds« forum, per the Site Owner Frederik Magle are that items there be directly related to Classical Music.

    To restate what's hopefully the blindingly obvious, this is a Classical Music forum. Those who wish to create some buzz around their non-Classical Music activities are invited to do so on non-Classical Music message boards. Otherwise, we will exercise our right remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. Terms of Service
    This topic could have been broached in a Private Message, but instead it was made into a public forum matter, and we sense a "grandstanding" attempt.

    The forum rules pertain to everyone, and will be applied to everyone.

    This matter is closed and will not be subject to further public discussion.
    The hardest knife ill us'd doth lose his edge. Shakespeare- Sonnet 95

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