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Thread: Welcome to the Hi-Fi forum!

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    Default Welcome to the Hi-Fi forum!

    Welcome to the high-fidelity (»hi-fi«) forum!

    In this forum you can talk about any and all aspects of »audio reproduction«, including hi-fi sound systems (from regular home stereos to »high-end« audiophile equipment), car systems, portable music players (iPods, etc.), and recording studio equipment (for both recording and reproduction). Focus is on classical music, but discussion of other musical genre is also welcomed.

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    Frederik Magle

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    Hi Frederik
    I just joined to the forum, I am locate in east of Toronto, Canada, We started as a hobby recording live classical music in pure analogue with tube gear and tape recorder ( Studer A80RC modified with tubes ),we use top quality high out-put tape for master and copies, our target is try to have a repro sound can much closer to the real sound, if anyone have a reel to reel machine and a hi -fi system and interest in our tapes and like to have more detail then please visit our website and I am a diyer I can answer all the questions of modification on the recording system, also we just did a live concert recording, there are pictures to show how we did please visit
    tony ma

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    I am unable to edit my posts in this forum, and am unable to send a PM requesting assistance. Any guidance will be appreciated.

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