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Thread: There is no good music - only good performances

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaltotun View Post
    Immediately when hearing different versions of the same musical pieces, I was not only able to tell the difference: the version was what made or broke the piece for me. The same musical piece could sound divine or completely flat, not leaving any impression on me., depending on the recording.
    Perhaps we could cut the chase on this topic. May I ask what examples can you provide of different versions of the same musical piece which had such a profound effect on your perceptions of its quality? Just a few examples will do to get the discussion going. It would be helpful if you could give an example of an outstanding recording of a piece you didn't much care for previously, and another example of a mediocre performance of a piece you did like together with what you consider to be a better version.

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    Often one has to go back and listen to the recording twice or more to find out if it resonates or not. As they say, first impressions can be misleading. I try to go back and listen more to something I'm not sure about, I try to get beyond responding to fly-by-night gut reactions (which I think can be very superficial)...

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