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    Hello, I'm brand new here. I'm checking in. Show me to my message board. I'll be staying an unlimited number of nights.

    I've long listened to classical music, ever since I was 14 or 15. No one else in my family likes it, so I discovered it on my own, and it has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I'm now 38.

    I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and a few years ago I was so delighted to experience the opening of our new world-class concert hall, called the "Holland Performing Arts Center", built in a shoebox-shape design inspired by the Musikvereinsaal in Vienna. It also has clerestory windows up top, that can be opened or closed depending on the time of day. And I have to tell you, the accoustics in that place is incredible.

    My favorite composers are a long list, but if a gun was put to my head and I had to name one, I'd say Beethoven, because why not Beethoven? And specifically, his string quartets I admire so much.

    But I could also not do without Wagner, Prokofiev, Mozart, Purcell, Webern, ah, there's too many to name. If asked what is my favorite musical composition, I have an easy answer, which is "whatever I'm currently listening to." The great thing about music is, while listening to it, it becomes the most important thing in the world; and the tragic thing about music (I got this from Barenboim) is that it always ends.

    I also don't confine myself to just European classical music, because I think there's a lot of great music in this world; well, India has their own classical music traditions, so it's not as though I'm not still listening to classical music. The best of jazz I consider to also be classical music, but we call it jazz to differentiate it from the rest. I also much admire tango music, and especially tango songs, and that's not too far from the sphere of classical music, especially in reference to Piazzola. There's some bossa nova from Brazil that I'm awed by. And music from Iran, and central Asia. Frankly put, I look for quality wherever I can find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orquesta tipica View Post
    My favorite composers are a long list, but if a gun was put to my head and I had to name one, I'd say Beethoven, because why not Beethoven? And specifically, his string quartets I admire so much.


    The above snip is just part of your interesting personal introduction, in which you express a wide musical interest.

    From my observations of this Forum, I think most of the active posters have fairly wide tastes. However, there does rather seem to be a relatively strong interest on the Romantic era. Once you have had further chance to roam around the Forum you will see what I mean from the kind of topics that tend to come up most often. As regards your first choice of Beethoven, I think several others here (myself included) would entirely agree with you.

    A recurring theme on this and one or two other music forums at the present time is "under-rated" or "forgotten" composers. You will see that attitudes here vary from "tough, goodbye" to "it ain't fair, let's bring 'em back". As you may discover, I'm much more in the former category. I think there's more than enough higher quality material available to keep most people happy without worrying about so-called "forgotten" or "under-rated" composers. By all means let niche markets exist, but don't pretend there is some huge injustice inflicted on these lesser composers by some wicked failure of the market, or by other conspiracy. Most of these alleged "forgottens" lived many years ago, several in the 19th C, and there have been several generations of music lovers since then who have had the opportunity to assess their real worth. We occasionally have some lively debates on this subject, that crop up in unexpected threads at times.

    A recent new theme is "Composer of the Week". You might want to check that out. It certainly needs more input by way of new candidates for discussion, and a lot more feedback and discussion than the poor number of responses so far (with one or two notable exceptions).

    There are a few polls running at the moment. They are merely designed to get an idea of how posters here rank the top pieces, eg symphonies, piano concertos, etc. It's only a bit of fun, and the results are clearly based on a small sample and hence unreliable, but it encourages people to say what they like and to make them think about their own preferences, and they allow a comparison against against other members' opinions. At least the results are by a democratic process, even if the very casual procedures often get into muddles at times.

    I don't know whether this is your first experience of a music forum. If it is, don't be surprised to be challenged on your views. The Admin/Mods here are extremely good in my view, and the place runs very well without the constant interventions you can get on some sites.

    Anyway, with that I'll leave it.

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    Welcome orquesta tipica!

    There's not much I can add to Topaz' thorough introduction to the forum. You seem to have a wide taste and there is indeed room for a wide array of tastes and opinions here. For example, when discussing "forgotten" composers, as mentioned by Topaz above, I myself mostly belong to the opposite "camp", wanting to see many of these composers "brought back", but then again that's the whole idea of a forum like this; the exchange of opinions and knowledge. Sometimes it can get strongly contentious, though of course always in a civil manner. But one thing's for sure: This community is united in the strong interest or passion for classical music, one way or another

    With that said, I will be looking forward to see you around and hope you will enjoy being a member here on Talk Classical.

    Best regards,

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